Aldous Huxley Visionary 1958 Interview with Mike Wallace 2 of 2 [HD] END

This utterly fascinating archive of a 1958 Mike Wallace Interview with Aldous Huxley is more revealing about our current state of affairs in the USA than ever before. Huxley had just written Enemies of Freedom and it became the focus of the discussion. Wallace and Huxley discussed such topics as overpopulation, the growing impersonalization of human affairs, propaganda, mind-controlling drugs, and various prescriptions for these problems. In this video Huxley makes some very astute observations that are still very pertinent today, affirming him as a very capable futurologist and one of the great minds of the 20th Century. This was taped at the height of the Cold War, when it wasn’t at all clear as to whether the United States or Soviet Union would win the battle of minds. Huxley was making the case that freedom was in peril and that there were two primary forces working against the United States at the time: accelerating impersonalization and technological advancements. In particular, he saw overpopulation as a disaster in waiting. Huxley argued that growing populations would place undue pressure on existing resources, which would in turn force central governments to exert more control. It would also lead to increased social unrest — something Huxley believed would play into the hands of totalitarian regimes. Sound like today? Yipes… Huxley also warned about what he called ‘over-organization.’ As technology becomes more complicated, he said, it becomes necessary to
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  1. Excellent, man.

  2. Huxley was afraid to talk about the Jews even back then.

  3. Wish they had interviews like this today.

  4. Thanks from Colombia, South America.

  5. amazing

  6. @Johnissingin89 Do you like yourself? What interviews do you recommend with Huxley?

  7. I hate mike wallace!. What he said speaks so many volumes and why he’s an idiot.

  8. great upload

  9. @ronrutherford:

    Possibly a policy about posting websites/email addresses in comments? Not sure, but in any case, it wasn’t the site you suggested. Nevertheless, good to know the word was/is getting around and wasn’t limited to one source. I received the link to here from ICH (just google and it’s right up there.)

  10. Or given a candidate who was a back-up like President Johnson or a homosexual like President Reagan ( i just heard this as being true )” Reaganomics”, and then the convention about AIDS in 1983. Everybody holding their breath for the Dental Convention in San Francisco. Now fluoride is bad. Reagan forced people to leave medical care and now we’re letting prisoners go. Their passing all kinds of Bills up there on Capital Hill. Now what are we all gonna do when the economy got a hold on me & you?

  11. Great stuff, Although I was only 3yrs. old at that time, I grew up with his name and these subjects dropped into conversations like buzz words. When did he die, 1975? And it’s funny Mike Wallace is smoking, doctors use to recommend it,smoking that is. And isn’t Mike Wallace still with us? No pun, just observations, duality. I like how Simply Red put’s it….in a song… money’s too tight to mention… my RENT IS DUE and Mike ends saying God’s Speed & save our INTERNET!

  12. @Sir9real You are very welcome

  13. Excellent-thanks!!

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  15. @Auspician001 as well?

  16. Discovered this excellent interview thanks to a response to an article on an alternate/alternative/real news website. Hoping that others also will find their way here and be exposed to some genius and truth.

    Again, thank you for posting.

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