Alex Jones & Alan Watt – US Military NLP Mind Control

Alex Jones and Alan Watt talk with a caller about the failure of a US Military NLP mind control project in the 1990’s. http
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03. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. I think Hollywood made a movie about it call Eagle Eye.

  2. I do not believe it s a matter of “Mind Control”.Yes ppl fightin for our country need to be trained to kill.But its for good reasons,& the freedom of our people.If you call this “mind control” Then what does that make our school systems?The Federal Government?

  3. “Help, other than drugs, to sort out the indoctrinated “suggestions” from the actual experiences is unavailable through government agencies and many are unable to function in the civilian world. They are left with the choice to either rejoin the military or cope in what ever way they can. Few if any have the finances or are able to find outside psychiatric help that comprehends the basis of their dilemmas. The programming of your beloved children is carefully designed..” p25 bk2 soisnessdotorg

  4. NLP has nothing to do with mind control what so ever…….. The man talking about NLP “pillars” doesn’t really explain it within the context it was created and in fact makes no sense in the way he’s describing it. “Pillars” are a very old term in relation to NLP and until I looked it up, I had no clue it existed. I think the TOTE model sums up the pillars rather elegantly. NLP has nothing to do with mind control what so ever.. And anyone who becomes curious about it and studies it knows this

  5. I was in the military for five years. I am proud to have served however it is disheartening now to realize at what level mind-control goes on. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I was in the military for five years. I am proud to have served however it is disheartening now to realize at what level mind-control goes on. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Thank you! I knew that is the case, it’s not so hard to figure out if you’re not a complete moron….

  8. Richard Bandler MURDERED Corine Christensen with a .357 Magnum revolver ? ? ? WTF!!!

    Do the research – Read “THE BANDLER METHOD” by Frank Clancy and Heidi Yorkshire. It’s online and free.

  9. It’s interesting that your concluding point is to unite, yet you spend the majority of your message separating yourself from an individual who is on the same path as you… truth. It is fundamentally impossible for us to unite if we spend our energy fighting each other.

    This is not an attack on you my brother. You speak truth. The only way we will win this, is if we unite. Calling people names and shaking them furiously to wake up is counterproductive.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  10. nlp can be used in a violent way, the wireless net can even be used on the mind!

  11. yea lets all make sure this gets passed… make sure like we have the power to control. wake up idiot the thing is this is all nice but what we gonna do about it……. making sure some dumbass bill is passed isnt gonna do dick… wake up…. unite muthafuckers…..

  12. make sure this bill poposed to audit the fed reserves is passed by your congress and house go let them know and let your friends and neighbors know we must get his passed they are destroying our world as we know it. Ron Paul has proposed a bill to audit them please tell people about it and makes sure they let there congress know we the people wanna see what the Federal Reserves is doing with all thise money they keep making is going money never lies

  13. Call it Public Education.

  14. pokemon? what’s wrong with pokemon i use to love that show. was i being programmed?

  15. There’s another way to avoid mind control. Get a basic education and develop a healthy habit of asking “why?”. NLP is just a fancier term for what all animals do but we humans have mostly forgotten. It’s called instinct. herd instinct, flight instinct, flight instinct. We respond to repetitive stimuli. nothing new here. But Alex likes to call it hypnosis. Pardon me while I go hypnotize my cat….

  16. I never heard that term either.known about this stuff for a while.but I did no that you can cross mirror someone in my early learnings

  17. first time i had heard of cross matching aswell richie, but having a quick scan it is a nlp term; cross matching or exchange matching.

  18. Come down off your podium some time, you might actually learn something.

  19. thanks for posting this clip-

    for more info on how NLP has been used by the Military check my videos and website-

  20. “Who the fuck has the audacity to delete my comment showing that he is wrong?”

    who dares? who dares argue with me?


    ego shrunk is it, anonymous frustrated silly little man?

  21. Can lie to me, can lie to the sea of folks on the web, but you cannot lie to yourself. You’d know that Mr. Expert NLP, so forgive me if I wasted oh… 30 seconds of my time in vain.

    I declare this ego shrunk, move along now nothing to see.

  22. “I have never ever heard it referred to as cross over matching before” Because it is NOT mirroring.

    4 Pillars of NLP – Rapport Sensory Awareness Outcome Thinking Behavioural Flexibility.

    Oh yeah I work for the NWO and just made that up. Pfft.

  23. Who the fuck has the audacity to delete my comment showing that he is wrong?

    Streetfightsecrets I’m not a NWO shill. I’m confirming that the information in this video, that the US military uses NLP, is accurate. That’s obvious to a dullard.

    You can continue to play yourself off as an NLP expert, which you clearly are not, and cast doubt on this video clip but for the people with a taste for truth, a simple Google search clears up any confusion you could hope to create.

  24. matching or leading is a different but related technique

  25. look at my profile, look at your profile- who is “anonymous”?

    this is a typical technique of anonymous trashtalking youtubers to pretend to misinterpret your posts to deliberately obscure and confuse the argument. NWO tactics! well done mate.

    I never said I’d not heard of the 4 pillars as you well know, my post is quite clearly available top read on this page. Nice try though.

    You’ve misunderstood this clip, the guy is using the term “cross over matching” to mean “mirroring”

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