[Alpha Brainwave Music] for meditation and relaxation

www.relaxationforme.com All the CDs MP3s use powerful scientifically proven binaural beat brainwave entrainment in the Alpha range as well as positive, uplifting, healing visualisations (visualizations), NLP, self hypnosis and affirmations designed to induce the deepest states of relaxation and meditation possible with little effort for the maximum healing, revitalising, stress relieving, hypnotic effects. This naturally aids stress management, anxiety, depression, sleep and pain management and peak performance. Jonathan has been helping people with all these issues and more with his proven methods for 21 years. visualization mp3, relaxation audio downloads, progressive muscle relaxation mp3, relaxation techniques audio, guided imagery mp3, audio meditation relaxation, guided relaxation mp3, relaxing mp3, relaxing audio, guided imagery cd, anxiety audio, anxiety mp3, relaxation hypnosis mp3, relaxation hypnosis cd, alpha beats, alpha hypnosis, theta hypnosis, techniques for relaxation, learn relaxation, healing relaxation, deep muscle relaxation, alpha beats

13. August 2011 by Admin
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