Alpha Waves – Subconscious Reprogramming for Success/Wealth

Full Blog on How it works Here : NOW OFFERING: This Video works pretty well as is however I personally have made custom videos for myself with faster outcomes using NLP techniques + photoshop if you would like to Purchase a custom video please email me Short description: Alpha Waves used in collaboration with fast passing images about success and wealth , listen to this for super learning and manifesting abundance in your life by programming your subconscious mind. best to be watched with think and grow rich! If you like it click subscribe! 🙂 for lots more!

29. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @scootacris i would think i am, i am no millionaire yet but i own 3 companies, my network of connections runs allover the world with really powerful and influential people who i regard as close friends all this for only being 25 i think thats success! i originally invented this method for myself and when i realized how well they work i made these videos to share with some of my close friends so now looking at the amount of views its gotten its awesome to see others finding such success too!

  2. @FFPugs The way I see it is that yes you need to be very conscious of what you take into the subconscious. It can take ona new evil in your subconscious if that is the intention of the programing. However, many many people have been programmed to resist hate, fear , or repel money or feel unworthy of money and success. As a result years and decades and generations fo poverty occur, so what really is the solution…or is there one?
    press channel you’ll see even more

  3. Are you rich and successful yourself???

  4. Anyone watching and/or planning to watch more of these i strongly suggest u pause and look at these, if your conscious mind recognizes something bad it won’t have a bad effect on the subconscious which is far more powerful than the conscious one. You don’t wanna just let people stuff your subconscious, this is sort of illumunati type stuff we;re talkin’ here.

  5. brainwash.

  6. How much for a copy of this particular video? I would like to integrate it with one I already developed that has short “custom flashing sentences;
    .contact info;

  7. @CanadianStoner1001 couldn’t of said it better myself!

  8. @jegertyk but its not about greed, its about bringing you a piece of paper called money, its no different from if you were to manifest a steak or grass. The whole system is there so the CEOs can manifest that piece of paper faster than you can which essentially takes away youre freedom in most aspects, only if you let it that is. Besides success/wealth don’t necessarily = money.

  9. @FrostLyfestyle Dude meditation is self hypnosis. Yea i did knew that a lot of CEO’s use that, that is called wrong meditation by the way, because it is used in a wrong way of understanding the sea of awareness… Meditation shall not be used to gain greed.

  10. @jegertyk So true.

  11. This is awesome except for the Hugh Hefner picture. I passionately hate that guy. Just seeing a picture of him makes me want to punch him in the face.

  12. I have now added these videos back into my regime,as I feel freed up to absorb them…I will remember your generosity in making these videos and sharing them with ALL of us…and I will share some of my money energy with you when I ALLOW the huge amount of dollars to FLOW in to my experience…. THANK YOU FrostLyfestyle !!

  13. (continued) example of N.E.T would be this.. When I was 3 my mother had epilepsy,couldn’t drive and had to walk to collage, and so I took on her muddled worry and fret and stored in my body,so that I then made my decisions based off of her reaction to money,worry etc..When they were released I was then able to make the decision based on my own normal feelings,not her feelings about the subject. In other words I could now make a normal/ rational choice because the abnormal feelings were gone.

  14. I almost made it to the end of a month watching this video,as well as the love,and perfect weight one. What I discovered was that I was overloading my brain with messages and it became overwhelming,so my brain decided to go on vacation…LOL I am 40,so I had allot of messages programmed in there from childhood. I also utilized a tool called N.E.T. Neuro Emotional Technique. Which removes anchors in the form of thoughts and feelings associated with abnormal feelings stuck in the body from trauma

  15. @jegertyk I disagree.Money is just another form of energy like everything in this time space reality. And Abundance expands to fit desire. Money is not evil, or the root of all evil..whether a person is rich, poor ,or anything in between it makes no difference, they will be revealed in any and all given situations.If they have a poor mindset than situations will always arise to give evidence to this belief. Our thoughts shape our beliefs and show up for us in our reality.

  16. @jegertyk well 1st off its not a meditation if anything its a form of hypnosis 🙂 and reprogramming peoples belief system to increase there wealth and second off did you know that most of the top CEOs in the world actually practice some form of meditation or some form of mind clearing exercise to clear there minds to take on the day and increase there focus 🙂 ?

  17. Meditation and money are to things that never ever should be together. This is a mess

  18. @commentor31 lol good to hear! yes if you a really negative person (most of us are!) it will take a while to break the cycle but know that it is working from day 1, i mean i wouldn’t get all this positive feedback if it was crap hehe 🙂 i recommend and i do this as well, is to get the youtube auto replay button for google chrome, and put the video on loop in the background and listen to a positive audiobook like think and grow rich or rich dad poor dad it will help alot!

  19. @FrostLyfestyle well i i have founded my wallet it was kinda hidden
    well i think i have been watching it for a week i did it just 1 time a day and before i founded this video i had ALOT of negative energy and had some bad luck which made me not wanting to do alot of things which where good to do like these kind of things. but i think i was just a bit grumpy that day and i hate to say something negative aswell :p and i also have a low belief system so i thinked it dint work for me.

  20. It is so cool that you are doing this. Thanks so much for all your hard work. I will give some serious thought to a personal video.

  21. @fmf960 definitely going to be working on something like this for you within the next 30 days! your right this video was geared a little more towards men so ill be making something for women next, also if you are interested i do now offer personal videos where i do a one on one consultation on what you are tryin to bring in and then gear a video specially for you if your interested let me know! its not needed for everyone but for your blocks it may help alot! thanks!

  22. @nebli i would recommend at least twice a day morning and evening but also follow through with some type of action towards making that 5000, example make a plan call a client, or hell look at the top liked comment – play the lotto! LOL

  23. @commentor31 you’re the 1st person that i have encountered with negative issues on this, i’d really like to find out a few things if you dont mind! – How often did you watch the video? How long have you been watching the video? and can you give me a bit of info on yourself and how things were prior to my video? i could totally understand loosing focus if you watch this for several hours straight but to have a string of a bad luck there has to be some other factors to consider.

  24. wow i dont wanna troll or being mean but after this i only have more bad luck i lost my headphones, cant foces on things anymore and i lost my wallet whit all my money in it no joke…

  25. hi can you do a money vid with british currency (coins and notes) british money pls that wud be amazing

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