alternative instant hypnotic inductions nlp Alternative instant hypnotic inductions nlp Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist
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29. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. I still didn’t understand the 54th time in the video he explained it

  2. @MrBman7272
    Sounds like the Mirco Cro Cop induction, very effective!

  3. what I should do if the other person is afraid to be hypnotized?

  4. SUBSCIBE!!!

  5. lol, he said /b/

  6. @MrBman7272 i agree

  7. im trying that

  8. @MrBman7272 lol

  9. As part of our hypnosis club, we require all new members to view certain hypnosis video clips. Steve G. Jones is one of the finest!

    Douglas Myrick
    Novanetics Interactive

  10. i tried this i hypnotise my classmate yehey

  11. i wonder if in that 2 seconds of momentary confusion instead of shouting “SLEEP” you were to shout “PUNCH”. i wonder if then their arm would actually jerk out and like uppercut you. i wonder…

  12. What percentage of population is so easily hypnotized like this?

  13. The person snaps out of it and slaps you.

  14. Steve G. Jones is the hypnotist that other clinical hypnotherapists would use. Jones is a MASTER!!!

  15. What would happen if I told a person to die while they are in hypnosis?

  16. Ok, I have to stop watching all these videos. HaHa

  17. I’d like to try this technique on some of my friends just to get a few laughs, but i have a question.

    Could i use analogue marking along with this technique so that even though the concious mind may be skeptical, the subconsious mind has been given a command like say if i embedded the words, go into hypnosis when you touch your nose. pretty much what i’m asking is would analogue marking “stack” so to speak with the suggestion the concious mind heard.

  18. Can you say anything other than, “sleep”?

  19. Great tutorial on how to hypnotize someone. Like someone commented before, I would like to see you do more street hypnosis.

  20. i wanna see u perform this with a few random peopleoutside ur house

  21. Thank you for this video, sir. You are exactly what the World of hypnosis needs right NOW!

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