AMAZING Instant Hypnosis w/ Live Audience

Hypnotist Marc Savard performing rapid/instant inductions on 30+ people in front of a live audience. Website – Facebook – http Twitter – Original Music by Brent Hodgins and Daniel Martins of Orchestrated Music.
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27. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. we run this music in new dealer showroom, sells lots cars

  2. @henry1234134 It actually gets people excited to be hypnotized, so I leave the skeptics till last 🙂

  3. @MasterMark915 Thank you for the nice compliments. I have learned some of them from Gil Boyne, the majority I have designed myself over the years. I know you are looking for hypnotherapy training, but if you ever want to do shows, I teach here in Las Vegas. Review my website for details. Thanks for watching!

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the video. Not only do you use the arm pull induction that is ever popular, but you have so many others. How, or where did you learn these. I am researching and looking to get in to school to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist. If you could guide me to any number of books, as I am sure to be checking out your web site. My favorites were the lady w/her arms crossed at her chest. And the deceptive one where you were talking to the girl, and arm pulled th gentleman to your right.

  5. @LovelyHoneyhoe yeaa i guess lol i need to learn how xp

  6. @LilN3RDSwag09 it’s something to do with doing 2 things at once or sumthing

  7. Is being 15 young to go and volunteer!?

  8. Hey im just a beginner in all this (havent ever hypnotized anyone before), what inductions would be the best for me to do on friends?

  9. omg the guy wth the cowboy hat looks like he’s having a panic attack lol

  10. it must be really scary watching other people falling asleep before its your go

  11. hey marc u have the same name as me 😛 and ur awsome keep it up and are u still in the dui thing?

  12. It would be good if you were my dad 😀 you would be able to put me to sleep every night


  13. hey dude coul’d you teach me how to do this? it’ll be great for show n tell

  14. @hntrtravis21

    why do you wish you would have volunteered?

  15. @LilN3RDSwag09 YES! You DO need to come and see me! Thanks for viewing! Marc

  16. yeaa it really is..i gotta see this show this summer when i go to vegas..planet hollywood ..right??

  17. @LilN3RDSwag09 There is a lot more to it than that. 🙂 Fascinating isn’t it?

  18. do u just pull their arm then their hypnotized?

  19. @SleepYouBastard Thank you so much Terry. We have a really cool new rapid induction video coming up soon!


  20. Amazing work mate, I’m a certified clinical hypnotherapist in Australia and starting to move into doing stage hypnosis. Your use of the arm pull induction is truely amazing.. Keep up the brilliant work. I’ve subscribed and will be looking forward to seeing more of your videos.

  21. You can sense how nervous a person is? Also, you know if you that person could be ill or not if under hypnosis?

  22. Not quite – if you go along with the brief induction, even while thinking its bullshit, a hypnoteuse can still put you right under her power. Once you are under the hypnoteuse domination, your previous thoughts about hypnosis no longer matter.

  23. @HypnotistMarcSavard

    I did not, I wish I would’ve after seeing the show though

  24. Did you volunteer?


  25. Thanks! Glad you liked it!


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