“Application Of The Nlp Concepts In Our Current Job Situation Or Family”

“Application Of The Nlp Concepts In Our Current Job Situation Or Family”

We all want to improve our lives and achieve our goals, and “Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)” is a modern theory which paves a way to this. By using this one can be able to eliminate his fears and replace them with self-confidence. Now we can eliminate self-destructive thoughts, and replacing them with new, empowering ones and the main thing we can quickly and painlessly resolve the conflicts and negotiations without struggle or stress. Millions of people worldwide use “Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)” techniques for life coaching every day: to overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships, improve learning, and achieve greater personal and business success.

“Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)” let us “re-program” negative emotions, patterns, and situations into positive emotions, patterns, and situations. When we use “Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)” techniques we positively influence our self and those who are around us. By using Neuro Linguistic Programming we can banish old, self-defeating patterns and create win-win situations with our:

Even complete strangers!

The correct practical application of Neuro Linguistic Programming results Greater happiness, greater productivity, greater confidence and greater success. Neuro linguistic programming techniques are so subtle no one except you will know you’re using them! It’s like having your own, personal “Secret to Success”.

First of all if we want to use “Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)” in our life we should find that what the representational system of the other person is having from the following:

Visual- Seeing

Those who want to enhance and improve their relationships, communicate more effectively, be more confident, create personal success, and maximize personal growth and change, will first of all find that what representational system they should use, it can be judged very easily if a person uses visual statements it means he is a visual person and if some one uses auditory statements we can judge him as auditory it means he likes auditory statements.

“Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)” also focuses on the selection of colors so we can use this technique to find out the behavior of out friends with whom we are interested to build strong relations. NLP also focus on the selection of colors: Those people who emphasize on feelings, like yellow color. People who emphasize on hearing and sounds like green color. People who focus more on seeing like red color.

By using those colors which other person likes we can deeply touch his/ her emotions which is the main thing every one likes in his life. Not only these colors but it helps us to find the representational style of the other party which helps to enhance future relations with that party.

There are various forms of communication such as:

Body language            55%

Tone of voice              38%

Content                       7%

So we should choose a proper way of communication because it is a very good saying that “It is less important what we say – what is more important is how we say it.”

We organize what we see hear and feel, and how we edit and filter the outside world through our senses, it is very important in learning “Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)”.

The next thing which we can use in our daily life is the Rapport, which means to Cross over Mirroring (or cross matching) with the other person, to whom we are talking, we should match his:

Pacing & leading (anger)

So if we are sitting with our family members we should not try to create any difference we should mirror their voice sitting style and even breathing it will automatically strengthen the relationships. We should eliminate the use of word “but” the reason for it is that by using the word but we are automatically negating what we have said in our statement prior the use of this word.

The next thing was anchoring: An anchor is a link between an internal state and an external stimulus. So we can attach a special music with any special event.


A special music of “TOM & JARRY” is anchored with the Childs internalstate.

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