ART OF ATTRACTION | Seduce Women with Magic – By Bedros Akkelian

Purchase here: Art of Attraction by Bedros Akkelian The Art of Attraction is the division of Social Magic that concentrates on interactions between men and women. These are the REAL secrets of using your magic to really create a strong sense of attraction. DISC ONE In the First disc, Spidey (Sociology major and social magician) is joined by Human relations expert, Yasmine B, to go over the entire social interactive part of The Art of Attraction. This has very little to do with applied magic, it is a step by step method that combines sociology, psychology, and hypnotic technique. You will learn everything you need to know from starting a conversation, to creating rapport, to increasing connection and everything else needed for successful interaction with women. Spidey’s method and interactive techniques have helped men all over the world improve the quality of their interactions with women, for years. Now, for the first time on DVD he will go through the entire method, one step at a time. DISC TWO Here you will learn 10 magic/mentalism tricks specially designed for specific moments in the interaction that well help you accelerate the attraction process. These tricks use language patterns and emotionally compelling presentation designed to appeal to women on a very subconscious level. Most of them are VERY easy to master and all are explained in detail. Tricks include: Kiss: a highly emotionally appealing trick that will get you a kiss every time, no
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  1. Too complicated. Magic wand in my pants usually does the trick.

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  3. Obviously not everybody is blessed with your stellar personality – Ignorant D-Bag

  4. shit, here ive been just treating people nicely and having a personality, i had no idea that all this time i actually needed magic tricks as a social crutch in order to meet people.

  5. This man is incredibly talented. I have seen he can do and implemented it on my own, and I have done some of his techniques myself, and was shocked to see how well they worked. I encourage you to look him up in greater detail.

  6. women of my personal life? so are u Bedros?

  7. omygod i was just messing around… dont take things so serious dude.. loosen up! and i know there are more aspect to a relationship!

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