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Got Writer’s Block? Can’t get ideas? Here are some pointers…
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23. August 2011 by Admin
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  2. personally i think just listening to your voice is relaxing

  3. agreed!

  4. Another wonderful video! Thank you.

  5. I think that children ‘ mirror ‘ adults authomaticaly and that s how we all later make our life patterns, unfortunately some of them are not so useful, while working in school I noticed also that i had been mirrored unconsciously which made me feel more responsible in work. Then, mirroring does not mean that we are not what we ‘really’ are, couse who knows what our genuine nature is in the end. Anyhow your videos re always inspiring:)

  6. Read a few pages of Salman Rushdie and the energy flow will drown you:)

  7. This was a great question – thanks for posting. I often have this issue myself in my writing.

  8. Well in Danish, it’s Platon 🙂 , but thanks! 😀

  9. Plato;)

  10. Talk more about Platon! It’s fascinating. Can you maybe make videoes about other philosophers?

  11. I loooooooooooooooooooove… U I feel the inspiration already. = )

  12. You are the best Alkistis! I have been dealing with writer’s block and lo and behold you make a video about it. What a coincidence or maybe it was all meant to be!? 🙂

  13. I’ve ”mirrored” one of my favorite characters side by side with a writer (and his beautiful wife I may add) It was a bit of the old ”surprise visit”, but it was a performance they”ll never forget…….

  14. how can I mirror you?

  15. I’ve done mirroring…

    It works.:)

  16. You are really Great.
    May God bless you with more and more LOVE,HEALTH and PROSPERITY.
    You are an exceptional woman!!
    Your advice always helps a lot.

  17. Very interesting.

  18. Very nice. Thanks,

  19. I’m a playwright with a deadline – I found it very useful. Thank you. x

  20. thanks for answering my question alkistis!
    great advice!

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