Bad-NLP The Worst Example of NLP You Could Ever Find This is the most outrageously bad example of NLP ever written. Harlan Kilstein spares no expense (or bad joke) to show how NLP can be manipulative. This video won’t win any award but it is important for you to understand. Watch this video now. The book Harlan Kilstein tears up is Web Copy That Sells by Maria Veloso

21. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. for what reason is this even available to be seen? Choose Wisely in what you are putting into your Subconscious* Mind – i did not watch this video whatsoever as i refuse to be Programmed by an imbisil. You can just as Easily, Choose* to look up Positive Resources such as Richard Bandler, Dr. Gary Daniel*, and Tad/Adriana James. You Can decide to not not Know what is the Best* Choice for you, or you can decide you don’t know the best Choice* for you.

  2. I paused this right at 1:00 to go eat a muffin. I unpaused and burped one of those burps that brings a little sick up.
    I hope you’re not up to your old tricks again Kilstein >:l

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  4. LMFAO! Brilliant!

  5. I wouldn’t doubt that people in TV land would fall for the “I wonder how quickly you will buy this product” line. I know when I’m in TV land I get the urge to buy weird products, like “Thermacare” for menstrual cramps- and I am a dude!

    Book land is different though, but then one has to use there brains- ouch.

    Entertaining video!

  6. A delightful book review. Yes I agree totally with Harlan . . . if you want to learn NLP go to someone who is qualified to teach it. Likewise good copywriting is more akin to good old fashion salesmanship.

  7. if you don´t think one will run to buy it, then why you think it is manipulative?

  8. They would have already bought the book or be reading it from a shelf one would think.

    And without reading the whole book I don’t believe him. He’s manipulating, just like any one else. Not sure if there is a humour to the writing style of the author that he’s not telling us about and I’ve known authors to take the piss with their writing styles on occasion and the content of things like mentioning their own book in the text.

  9. thanks for this great video!

  10. This is great entertainment harlan, your roadways above this lady of copywriting. Man the NLP is the real deals. Thanks for awesome lessons, for 2-3 years now. /Former CBW member

  11. This is the best video ever.. you rock

  12. I have to learn lot of copywriting techniques from you!

  13. Harlan…some call those sandwiches…hero’s. You are my hero…looks like you went viral without me.

  14. Neuro Linguistic Programming

  15. I just wonder how these people get them NLP certified.

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