Black Book Persuasion Techniques from Rintu Basu pt two of four

This is about using hypnotic trances as a persuasive technique. We discuss what a hypnotic trance is, why this is a useful persuasion skill and how you can use your persuasion techniques to take people into trance. Just note how easily one delegate goes into trance and then comments about that trance without realising I am demonstrating converastional trance techniques.
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07. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. It is a shame about the birds and that is why I’ve been adding the new clips. Have a look at my channel and you will find more videos thankfully without the birds.


  2. One of the challenges of conversational hypnosis
    is is hearing you over the noise of those frikkin’ tweeters!
    Get the blunderbuss someone!
    Great work tho Rintu

  3. Where’s part 4?

  4. Whare’s part one?

  5. Where’s part one?

  6. sorry,i can’t hear it clearly but is this the black book hypnosis…..that include the embedded commends and all those psycho things???

  7. I almost didn’t release this but the content was worth it even with the annoying birds. Luckily we had a microphone on the desk and the audio only version is so much clearer.

  8. will some one shot the bird

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