This audio was taken from the following talk by Brian Gerrish: Brian Gerrish was once a Naval Officer who fought in the Cold War. After leaving the Navy and embarking on some of his own projects; he found that his fight with Communism was far from over! Brian now spends time researching the “educational charity” organisation ‘Common Purpose’. The more he digs, the more disturbing things seem to get. There is basically an elitist agenda to hollow out our country from the inside. The ideas used come from Cultural Marxism, and also other more sophisticated techniques are used. Research this information, and match it with your own experience. You may find it very disturbing to see how far we have already gone. Here are a couple of websites Brian is associated with: Also check these out: Brian Gerrish on Alex Jones TV: Evidence of conspiracy regarding the EU from the beginning:
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21. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @smileyknowsyou your comment doesn’t seem like spam

    We need the right to own guns back.

  2. Be Prudent UK.
    (1) Get out of this mess – The EU.
    Be Prepared UK.
    (2) Re-arm to the teeth.
    Be Forceful UK.
    (3) Shoot the fascists.

  3. Hear, hear!

  4. Brian Gerrish is a true Patriot, such a great man.

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