Can NLP really change your life?

Can NLP really change your life?

“After the NLP course, it was clear that I would never again be happy working in a dead end job which I hated. My ambition and desire completely outweighed all other considerations. With the support of my wife, I quit my job in January and I’ve not looked back. I now earn in 9 hours what I previously earned in 40 hours and I’m happy in my work.

I’m sure you would be happy to know that I am now able to walk through large groups of people with no fear at all, I am the family member removing all the spiders and I am finally finding the outer and inner peace I craved for so long.  Anyway, this was just a quick note to let you know I am still thinking of you and the miracles you have bought into my life. Thank you so much.”

The above is one of many examples of how experience with NLP transformed one’s life.  When I find in my inbox message of similar nature, my heart always shakes with excitement… then next minute I read blogging activity on one of the major online networks, only to find hundreds of Anti-NLPers.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) is without a doubt one of the most controversial topics. Whilst there can be no argument about usefulness of NLP techniques in personal development,  business, coaching and education, it is often criticised (usually by people with very little or no experience with NLP) as being too ‘soft’, and ‘oversold’.  It is criticised for the lack of the scientific evidence. So where is the truth? Is NLP worth of your investment? Can it really change your life?

Before you read the rest of this article, I would like to warn you:

Nothing here is truth. Because there is no truth.  There is only our own perception of it.

In fact these are the very same words I often start my own trainings.

Those who attended some of NLP trainings will know that apart from many practical tools that NLP has to offer, it teaches the attitude that is responsible for desired change and results.

NLP teaches the attitude of curiosity.
NLP teaches the attitude of opened mind.
NLP teaches the attitude of flexibility.

There are no truths or facts presented during NLP trainings, there are only models. It is purely up to individual to accept those models, or not.

Only those people who  are mature enough to adopt the attitude of opened mind and curiosity, will produced the best possible results with their acquired NLP learnings.

“The mind is like a parachute. It works only when it’s opened.”
Dr. Krasner

They don’t doubt that NLP works. They make NLP working for them.

NLP students learn how to manage their own thinking in a way that is the most productive. They learn how to elicit and change their beliefs about themselves. They learn about their values for life, money, relationships, career, health & fitness, spirituality. They learn how to change automatic programmes running in their mind, adjusting their habits and unhelpful responses. They learn how to let go of negative emotions and limitations they put upon themselves. They learn how to deal with fear and obstacles. They learn to accept themselves and to accept and forgive others. They learn how to be happy with themselves whilst learning dozens of tools to help them with their future goals. They learn how to bring miracles into their life.

Today, there is still not enough of scientific evidence to prove that ‘NLP works’. However; there are thousands of living examples demonstrating that it does. Perhaps that day will come when the science will find the way of measuring happiness, success and fulfilment, making scientific evidence at all possible.

NLP is essentially about training and managing your own mind, which is one of the most important life skills, both in terms of your own success and happiness.

Going back to the original question. Can NLP really change your life? ….it is YOU who decides!

Lenka Majstrikova is the only UK Trainer of NLP (Neuro – Linguistic Programming) certified by Dr. Tad James with 100 % NLP Trainer certification score.

As a passionate and charismatic trainer, presenter and coach she assists people from all walks of life to implement practical psychology of NLP into their lives and careers.

In addition, she is a certified Trainer of the Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis.

If you’d like to attend one of Lenka’s transformational courses or learn more about her, you can do so by visiting

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