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RANDOM NOTES on mind control etc Web Results 1 – 10 of about 228 for “MIND CONTROL” deprogramming techniques “how to” nlp. (0.17 seconds) mission mind control TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION! Use Of Monarch Mind Control Methodology Stewart Swerdlow cryptocracy 1-269-429-8615 yogies heavy rock stars frequency Country western triggers in many of the words in the songs charkas.. creating antenna that can be tape into exploited “end time programming” maybe related to end game 1962 creation of mk-ultra mk-delta UBRELLA radiation electric shock.. standard psychology psychiatry para military devices and materials 1940’s monarch program sex slaves AKA presidential models human taper recorders spies used to download and install programming vai sexual activities marlan Monroe a prisoner “blow it all open” before she was killed Programs mk draco hatter RcacR MK XENO dsncer greenstar 1951 project artochoke sodium pentathol narco hypnotic interrogation drugs and hypnosis simultaneously bulbocapnine 1949 project blue bird conditioning of personnel not to revel information if tortured in case captures they would not reveal information and memory enhancement Boston mental hospital Detroit

15. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. call it what it is, a cult.

  2. See Mk Ultra.

  3. Wow! This almost the exact blueprint for Scientology “tech”.

  4. well done man!

  5. this is synced wrong.

  6. Really?

  7. I was his sex slave. He made me stuff cilantro inside my anal tract and rub garlic on his balls. May chot ra-ha-hoo tire betty. guru.

  8. so out of sinc! mmmmh!

  9. Ah yes, the authority figure. Mr “R” was a
    nut but a nut compared to who. Is Haggard
    normal? No. Was he ever right in the head?
    Probably not. How about Pastor Most Reverend
    Hagee? Is he balanced? He’s a very smart man
    but most likely crazy. Is he crazy with the
    Lord? Does he have the “mind of God”? Are
    you kidding me?

  10. move over depak chopra

  11. orgonite the lot….

  12. Can anyone tell me where to get the video from?


  13. The trail insane or dead people who got involved . And the bible.

  14. you got all “your” ideas from other people and other institutions…what makes you think that yours are more perfect, correct, or make you happier than they may very well be?

  15. They are willing robots, they are lost losers and infantile people that can’t run their own lives because they need to depend on someone to make decisions and think for them- he’s doing the world a favour by rounding all these stupid people up otherwise they’d be in institutions.

  16. why would “the master” allow this to be filmed?

  17. self proclaimed prophet phycho dude
    people are so gullible
    hey if I told you that the dude next door claims his father was god and his mother is still a virgin
    while is can walk on water would you believe me


  18. correction, they are no longer robots***

  19. Are you 11 years old…or just mildly retarded?

  20. “satan”… yeah blame you’e inner demons on outside forces, that’s true growth.

  21. It is Demons and Satan that hold souls captive you idiot…If you knew the Lord Christ you would be able laugh in satans face, and snuff his advances with a little is satan that works in wicked men…when the head is crushed what of the body?

  22. Do not allude that concept of Jesus is bad you wicked minded peice of shit…and never mess with me because I can take you all on…Jesus Is Lord GOD

  23. lolude tingel im gonna do a bad review on this piece of asshole… cacadoodle boner farting indian.

  24. this is so sad and so wrong, there made in to robots and vegges

  25. Great, I truely appriciate your effort to educate the world about mind control and daytime robbery of trusting souls by these nasty assoles called teachers, gurus, and relegious leaders.

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