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RANDOM NOTES on mind control etc Web Results 1 – 10 of about 228 for “MIND CONTROL” deprogramming techniques “how to” nlp. (0.17 seconds) mission mind control TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION! Use Of Monarch Mind Control Methodology Stewart Swerdlow cryptocracy 1-269-429-8615 yogies heavy rock stars frequency Country western triggers in many of the words in the songs charkas.. creating antenna that can be tape into exploited “end time programming” maybe related to end game 1962 creation of mk-ultra mk-delta UBRELLA radiation electric shock.. standard psychology psychiatry para military devices and materials 1940’s monarch program sex slaves AKA presidential models human taper recorders spies used to download and install programming vai sexual activities marlan Monroe a prisoner “blow it all open” before she was killed Programs mk draco hatter RcacR MK XENO dsncer greenstar 1951 project artochoke sodium pentathol narco hypnotic interrogation drugs and hypnosis simultaneously bulbocapnine 1949 project blue bird conditioning of personnel not to revel information if tortured in case captures they would not reveal information and memory enhancement Boston mental hospital Detroit
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  1. Ive been in the counseling field for years. Like any profession, there are good ethical practitioners…and there are evil criminal pracitioners. Be informed. Especially when it comes to medication. Mental illness is real and devastates millions more lives without care than the horror stories you are hearing about. Psych treatment is merely a tool. Can help…or hurt…even kill. I shy away from medication. So much is still unknown.

  2. Ever get a love bomb from a Mooney? She kept
    spreading her legs while reading her Bible
    on a subway. She kept looking at my pants
    for a reaction. Christian groups are more sophisticated.

    The only thing worse are the so-called deprogrammer$. IF YOU HAVE NO MIND OF YOUR
    OWN you get it coming and going.

  3. For anyone who wants to hypnoses can do so but if they take advantage over that is not lawful.

    Which can lead to sexuality takes over.

  4. i vote that new law should take effect abandon psychiatry all together it is alos a place i guess for sex offenders who can find them selfes a way to speak to young children and also because of the permission of the family and them telling they can trust them opens them up to you can trust me like a full trust which gives the optunity of now the psychiatrist to hypnotise and bassically do what ever they want whether child or adult.

  5. it’s everybody now

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