“Cash Money Magic” Demo (NLP Visualization + Subliminal Wealth Programming)

www.attractanything.com Cash Money Magic is mega-subliminal wealth visualization video PLUS an NLP guided visualization on wealth and abundance. This is a brief sample version of the complete video available on attractanything.com. Friend Jon on Facebook: www.facebook.com

26. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. nice video …. it really helps me to focus on my goal.

  2. Marvalous!

  3. I’m scared. This should be the opening of a horror movie.

  4. @martinzwanenburg: Bureau de Change. Problem solved! 😉

  5. I LOVE this! I just wish there was a version on pounds sterling (in the UK) but I love this all the same & will be sharing & watching thank you!

  6. ooowwww great!! now my entire house is filled with dollars!
    i life in europe!!
    i need euro`s !!!

  7. luv it!!!!!

  8. tnx i love this video very much
    god blase you
    009378 limor naama eilay

  9. This is the coolest most professional mind movie I seen to date and I’ve watch a few, however designed it is SUPA talented. It’s like a hollywood blockbuster ad.
    BigUp ur Bad Self! 9javatar.blogspot.com. If I need a u TUBE movie I’ll contact U!

  10. This is awesome use of NLP …Nice,

  11. Thanks for these videos, they are awesome!

  12. Pretty cool – Detail as good as it gets..

  13. CHA-CHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Love this, thank you,

  15. @aceboobie It’s included with the “big” version of attractanything. If you click the order button on the homepage you’ll come to an order options page. CashMoneyMagic is on that page (along with a lot of other vids and resources). Thx! ~J

  16. hey john. i went to your website and didnt see this video listed anywhere?? will i get it when i order??

  17. Wow!!! Awesome! Thanks mate. I will be telling all my friends.

  18. Jon, I love all your products! You definitely on the cutting edge! Your products speeds up manifestation faster! Guys if you don’t have the full version of the Attract Anything Products, get them. You will be come a magnet to money! It’s awesome!.

  19. “Cash Money Magic” is by far the Best Sublimal Video to date ! So many good things going in this video for maximum effect, incorporating NLP Visualization + Subliminal Wealth Programming. Helping you change from within, easily and effortlessly. In essance, Jon Mercer is giving you a Gift that transends the small cost of this video versus Life Changing benefits. Let’s make 2011 the year of transformation from mediocrity to spectacular. Go Forth And Prosper

  20. The quality of this video is oustanding. The best subliminal video ever, please make more.

  21. Thank you for being a element for me getting wealthy, I have been watching for three weeks, and my income went from $499.00 per month to $625.00 and still climing. The voice in the video is a blessing for my efforts and just perfect visuals. The HD also a great decision. Well done video

  22. what the fuck this is cool

  23. @Faraz70 Great eye! It’s not intentional, just mirrored images in some places caused by 3D processing of 2D images. As the money flips around the numbers go back to normal though. Now if you spot a typo in the subliminal text I’ll be REALLY impressed (PS: please don’t try–I’m not redoing this whole vid! LOL =)

  24. on some of the 100 dollar bills in the video, the 100 is misprinted as 001…is this intentional?

  25. Jon, I use this while I work. And it works. I feel extremely compelled to work harder when I’m listening to it. I don’t care if someone wants to call it a placebo effect, whatever it does, it does well. The voice over work is great, the audio quality is great, and the visual imagery is great. I don’t even have to watch to benefit. Thank you!

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