Please see 2:58 Also look at the NLP of the reporters hand gesture and then the visual prompt that if you child doesn’t have the nasal spray they will need TWO shots of the injectable. Please remember it is very rare to get the flu and if people do their immune system deals with it very well. Also most people who have a runny nose are not actually fighting the flu but are reacting to mould spores given off by the leaves on the trees decomposing. That is why there are more flu like symptoms in the autumn. The mould is called Aspergillus fumigatus and the spores are an irritant. Some people actually die as the spores can grow in your lungs. There have been a number of so called H5N1 deaths reported in the past but when the autopsy has been performed on the lungs white masses similar to that of spore growth from Aspergillus fumigatus were actually recorded. But the H5N1 statistics are added and the disinfo is in the MSM. Aspergillus fumigatus- Aspergillosis, Aflatoxin and H5N1 – Is There A Connection?- That is the reason some hospitals have banned flowers on wards.
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  1. @TheFlex21 They’re working on something new.

  2. pure propaganda bullshit from the media. They want to make your children sick and profit from it.

  3. @TheFlex21 they won’t fail next time because we won’t do anything to stop them

  4. @Flawrey See you in alshemer row buddy!

  5. How many years have they been trying to scare people into this swine flu epidemic….THERE is no epidemic the only epidemic their is, is fabricated and used to scare you ….there is no epidemic!

  6. Get over vaccines already! SAY NO! Stop shooting yourselves and your kids up with toxic chemicals and foreign human genes!

  7. Go fuck yourself Debora and Tim you fucking cows!


  9. @TheFlex21, lololol

  10. @diah4 you do know they use ‘assets’ to make the media believe in Al Qaeda (database) terrorism.. all they do is look at the al qaeda (the database) and find a cell that is known (by themselvs prob because of the gov. asset) to then connect with the asset by email or something.. connection to terrorism .. and the world shouts “can we have body scanners and even furhther removal of civil liberties please ?”
    as for vaccines
    Squaline (shark liver oil)
    mercury and other stuff

  11. @Flawrey its not what happens when you take it… it gives you ‘live or dead swwine flu virus’ that is then present in your body for life.. they want your money and now they are going to get it one way or another, you will probably need (or believe) you need a flu shot every year now, haven’t got a clue what else is in it.
    The point is it was introduced to give to kids without their parents consent as it was not an introvenus needle

  12. its a shot a school nurse can give it dosent take a brain sergeon to give a vaccine .unles they didnt know how to read.

  13. if you believe in eugenics, please take the vaccine

  14. Wow. Can’t they make a safe vaccine, go back to school scentists!

  15. i got it and my penis becam a parakeet….. FUCK but serously this shit is bad

  16. @qnrnr lol

  17. i got the vaccine and i woke up in my own blood, i had a nose bleed while i was sleeping, my back was even covered in blood! WTF Government!

  18. lol @ side effects of the shot. Aren’t those flu symptoms?

  19. I received the H1N1 vaccine and after an agonizing 8 hours I died! Stay away!!!!

  20. My son was in Hospital with the H1N1 and he was getting better on the 2nd day, he had no more fever and on the 3rd day they gave him the Tamiflu and he broke out with an insane rash and got sicker for weeks. Don’t get sucked in to the UN Vaccine agenda! Refuse it!

  21. the woman in the shop by me had the shot the other day and now shes really ill and says her heart hurts…true story. =/

  22. I am sorry but you are wrong…… and if it killed people on the spot the plan would not work…. come on……… and may I ask how do you know of the doctors credentials??? You can meditate and pray!!! envision white healing light surrounding you………. and laugh if you wish but this is your best bet and sadly I can not say this will work. Look up agenda 21

  23. gosh they forced my friend to take it and i said what my friend takes i take it but its so unfair

  24. It was as you say “the best scientist and doctors behind the vaccine back in 1976 and look what happened. Doctors do a lot of good but they often blindly advocate drug with very harmful side effects as many of them did with the 1976 flu vaccine. Guess what? Some people who were not doctors warned people about the vaccine then and many said things like “These are the best scientists and doctors we are talking about, and i do not believe that you are a doctor of any sort now are you?”

  25. Theyve done it on my video too

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