Christopher Hyatt – “Undoing Yourself” – pt 1 of 7

Dr. Christopher Hyatt shares his insight on various psychological topics and techniques for undoing the programs of our rigid, robotic nervous systems
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22. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @DoopaLoopa f****NG DIRTY BASTARD

  2. the word of sin is restriction indeed

  3. @plunder23 Hahahaha that cracked me up.

    However, I don’t know what he means by “worker hive”. Leary seemed think that the five brained people would take over the planet eventually… the hive represents the four brained people (who I actually think have swollen in number since the end of the nineties to some degree).

  4. Hey any of you guys do the shit sculpture (exercise 10) in undoing yourself with EM and other devices?

    I have no anxiety doing the sculpture but when I wash my hands they continue to smell like poo until I wash them like fifty million times (This leads to some fear when this happens… I don’t want to get sick)

    Does shit really have all the nasties that the people claim or do I just have to give ’em one good wash before I can go on with my life? I might just use gloves next time.

  5. @plunder23 Oh my God! hahahaha his comments never fail to make me laugh in ways that I don’t ever expect.

  6. @plunder23 if you want to put it out of context,stating it like that, yes he did.
    seven eyed sheeps , that are . hahahaha.

  7. did he just say the “the sheep shall inherit the earth”!!!!

  8. Thank you soooo much for putting this up, there really is too little of the Good Doctor on the web. He’s a Legend.
    I cant wait to get the DVDs through the post!

    good on ya jcsides!

  9. I didn´t mean to go on a diatribe there, and I´m open to criticism about my perceptions, but I would at least like to encourage intelligent debate instead of name calling.

  10. Yes it´s true there is little we actually know about Wilhelm Reich´s ideas, and we owe that to the U.S. Government of the time that decided to burn his work, and yes it´s true that it is possible that his later orgone research might just have been some type of mental breakdown, but one of the great tragedies of humanity is ignoring his earlier work, because whether we like to admit to it or not, in many parts of the world the topic of sex is still taboo.

  11. I want to help set the record straight, since that last comment really bothered me, and I want to help clarify what we are watching here. Christopher Hyatt applied certain concepts of Reichian therapy from Israel Regardie, and the radical undoing exercises are a combination of that and certain yoga teachings.

  12. fucking retard

    How can you practice something like Chaos Magick and still respond to such basic linguistic triggers?

  13. I didn’t even know this was on here!! Amazing!!

  14. Thank you for posting. Christopher Hyatt was and is a genius.

  15. Woah, Temple of Set, thats left hand, I think Ill stick with Chaos Magick 😉 Dr. Hyatt is awesome! Im reading Sex Magic Tantra and Tarot and Undoing Yourself, great stuff.

  16. He says “the Temple of Set”

  17. Whats that second this he mentions after Chaos Magick at 4:53? Thank you for this, Dr. Hyatt’s work is amazing!

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