collapsing anchors nlp technique Steve G. Jones collapsing anchors nlp technique
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15. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @djkalja I blink like 20 times a minute. 5 would like burn your eyes. steve is good at what he does trust me.

  2. @djkalja yeah, but he’s talking to a camera. Try it, it screws with your normal, comfortable body language. I’d be a bit suss if I saw that in a personal conversation too. Similarly, he’s clearly in need of a drink to moisten his throat. I don’t think he’s terribly comfortable talking at the camera.

  3. im still kinda skeptical cuz i read that u blink 5,6,7 times per minute, but when lying, it goes off to far more, an you where blinking way more than 6 times per minute

  4. can you plant another suggestion other than sleep during the handshake, i wrk in a salon , and if i do this properly i could say here for a haircut and color , as a statement not a question and that would be comparable would it not?

  5. you cant lie this shit works well.

  6. typical self help wankstain with book shelf and crappy certificates
    your all the same on youtube
    you upload a shit useless technique and ask us to vist your website
    well guess what …. were on youtube and if we wanted a website we would be searching google

  7. typo alert/copy paste your link and you’ll find extra “W”.

    No HOT link?

    Thanks for the vid!

  8. Derren is more of an entertainer. Steve is an educator and is trying to help people.
    So, shut the fuck up.

    Namaste, assholes.

  9. i admire and respect this guy but he hasnt got shit on derren!

  10. whats the song he uses at the end of the video called?

  11. great job thanks for the good info

  12. ppl like u are gunna drive ppl like derren brown to lose their jobs

  13. i reckon.. freaking wannabe

  14. Lulz at you pretending to be Derren Brown.

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  16. interesting, you should post more videos like this one 😉

  17. I really like your new haircut 🙂

  18. Hey steve could you show how to collapse someone in therapy?

  19. you say “lets take a look at how easy it is to do…the premise behind collapsing anchors..”
    you use embedded messages to make us try this stuff very clever m8

  20. Looks like you nailed it again! Thank you for the clear and helpful explanation.

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