Conscious Creating Accelerator

This is a general purpose law of attraction learning amplifier. I started with an NLP process designed by Robert Dilts called “Resource Supercharger”, and adapted it to work specifically on your process of learning to apply law of attraction and consciously create your experience.

21. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. I Wish for Great Success/Prosperity& Love To be Happy Healthy work at a Job that pays over $16,000.00/ month andi Love it, Live in a Beautiful Home nice view balcony yard / DANCE / Beach in a City that I Love and Travel to wonderful places look and feel my best and attract my pefect marriage partner be in LOVE totally now who truly loves me and i him feel Safe weigh 126 Lbs be Healthy and Strong and Have FUN!!! Graduate A Plus PHD holistic Health LOA Coach


  3. sounds like dr greer

  4. the great infectious downfall;

    is to use the ancient great power of the heart

    to attract the dark indulges of swine like men; of our era…

    do not be deceived;

    for you are already abundant with all you need
    withOUT the soon to fall

    global currency 😉

    love light and truth

  5. Excellent!

  6. How did you do it – manifest amounts of money?
    Please let me know so that I finally can do it on my own. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Thank you so so much from Germany for your generosity, I have already manifested some nice amounts of money, good outcomes for my loved ones,clients and myself…it is truly amazing and very are just great, danke, danke, danke….wishing you all God s Blessings…

  8. I agree with you but theres more. I guess its my journey to find out. Peace 🙂

  9. Because if you fail, you know you can’t put anyone to blame but yourself.

  10. This is a phenomenal video. It actually teaches you to visualize, feel, and believe in what you can accomplish. It helps you to get into the mindset to attract what you need to get to the place you want to be. The most profound part of the visualization was going back into the past to change things…a great exercise to teach you to recognize opportunities and deliberate action to take in order to attract and attain your life as you want it to be.

  11. Why does fear come into play after we realize we control our lives? I have recieved many things from these practices and now I want to put it through my ultimate test, but am afraid to focus and use the visualization method because of maybe fear of what? I widh I could answer my own question.

  12. Great I love this stuff

  13. this is a very ueeful video…no kidding…it transforms your consciousness if you do it for real…

  14. Follow Your Bliss.

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