Conversational Hypnosis in Text Messages Conversational Hypnosis in Text Messages will teach you how to use embedded analog marking NLP commands in texting to control what others do.
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21. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. lol, cool! I am going to try that on someone! lol

  2. You DO want this Power don’t you.

  3. My god… my nose actually inched after a few seconds. that was amazing! :O

  4. lol Winky i read ur message twice and got it 😛 took a little while ima bit thick but its true!! xD

  5. you’re so subtle.

  6. can this be used in any language other than english?

  7. would it woRk if i just capatalizEd certain letters, to sPell a word or something… someone pLz replY me with an opinion, or answer…

  8. cool!!! 😀

  9. Wow, aren’t you sly 😛

  10. Oh my goodness.. After you said the scratch you noes thing. I knew exactly what you were doing but a few seconds later my noes and upper lip started to itch.

  11. hahaha me too

  12. Great video 😀 I’m from portugal, and so using the very versatile english language is out of option.

    Anyway i’ll try to adapt it and i’ll coment back on the result!

  13. o portugues é sempre uma merda no que toca a usar estes comando verbais e hipnose conversacional :O

  14. YOU’RE so awesome. I am SO jealous of you. I wish I could be that SUBTLE.

  15. Got to go and find someone who likes Scratch off tickets…. could be gone for a while folks.

  16. I tried this out and it’s really amazing! I have one question. Does it have to be exactly three words or can it be more or less?

  17. kinda’ zoned out for a minute distracted by my dog, I restarted the vid over again to realize why the tip of my KNOWS was tingling lol

  18. Lol i just sent a txt to my friend saying to call my cell using this and a few minutes later he called me. this is awesome you are truly amazing.

  19. yea I hope evil ones wont watch this and do evil things. Thanks for the video!

  20. hmm…my nose itches. Steve G. Jones is amazing! I often find myself in a minor trance after watching a few of his videos though.

  21. hey Dr. Jones. Thanks for the lesson! However, it’s very hard to do that in Portuguese, wich is my mother language, but I’ll try and see what happens. Have a nice weekend

  22. w00000t first comment!

  23. Great 😀 love you videos

  24. I just decided to VISIT your latest video and oh MY! your CHANNEL rocked my night! NOW i can embed commands in text! Thanks, STEVE!

    BTW, I’m really enjoying the hybrid hypnosis downloads. Thanks for putting them on sale. I’m constantly listening all day long.

  25. would that work on msn?

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