Cosmic Ordering, 5 Keys 2 Happiness, Laws of Attraction LOA

There are 5 keys to true happiness. Apply them and live a happy, fulfilled and passionate life.

14. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. I really liked that. Thank you.


  3. Precioso me e4ncnata la música y las ímagenes saludos desde España (Barcelona) todo un placer haberte encontrado, saludos de colores

  4. V.M.Bronnikov method, 1 step “Ecology of the Spirit”:
    * Development of skills of natural improvement;
    * Mastering by the new tool in the life – phantom feelings;
    * New protective properties – counteractions to negative influences of people, technics, the aggressive power information environment;
    * Ability to restore the vital forces…

    bronnikovmethod . com

  5. if i had a lot of money i could be happy easily…. this shit is retarded
    whoever said money couldn’t buy happiness wasn’t spending correctly

  6. @lilijohn
    So, so very true.

  7. @wasted6666666666
    You have amazing insight. It is so true. My boss only cares about money and his is the most cruel and miserable person I have ever known.

  8. That was so amazingly well done. I have lost myself and I feel i am coming back again.

  9. self love is not ego, self love is knowing who u are and that you deserve the best u can give yourself, u cannot love another without first loving yourself.!

  10. I love this..thank you thank you thank you.

  11. (¸.•´♥ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.♥¸.•´♥¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.♥
    Love keeps us Going and Glowing
    Be Cosmic ….

  12. the sound track is too good

  13. @rene29200 you’re welcome. This is one of my favourite videos that I’ve done. It brings me peace. Stay blessed. Lili

  14. @zyodei thank you for your kind comments. I wish you lots of love, sparkles and harmony in your life. Lili

  15. This is really, really well done. I just want to thank and bless the person who made this. What a beautiful consciousness it reflects…

  16. Thank you very much Lilijohn!!!!!!!!

  17. Thank you – nothing is more powerful than the truth, love, hope, faith and belief.
    Enjoy life my friend.

  18. Hi Jenny please tell me more about your comment. Please message me.

  19. Awesome……

  20. Fantastic – Amazing – WOW!

  21. you just blew my fucking mind

  22. Both. Duh.

  23. Jenny Cox, the Balance Procedure, is teaching in schools now in the UK

  24. The Universe and its Creator are one and the same. God is omnipotent and omnipresent. He is in all that exists. God’s love is in each and every one of us. If you refuse to ask God your creator, then asking the universe to deliver would be as effective as asking the desk in front of you to start dancing. Though I think those who practice LOA with gratitude toward your CREATOR, you will have a closer relationship with God. Anything less is worshipping a false idol.

  25. Does smoking marijuana bring you closer or push you further from the light?

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