Create a New Self Image with NLP and Hypnosis

Experience a visual paradigm shift and learn how you can create a new self image with NLP and Hypnosis.
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09. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Love this video. Spot on!

  2. this has helped me tremendously.
    I do not need to gain weight. I actually am going to the gym to get bigger and am eating more food every day.
    BUT this did help me change my percpective on going to the gym. it is now a luxury and my career and my relationships and my love life. thank you. I love this video.

  3. Jim, you’re awesome man!

  4. great job Jim!

  5. You did it wrong, but it is a powerful effect (when done correct)

  6. I knew that picture was an optical illusion. I don’t have a weight problem at all. Still a very useful and informative video though.

  7. i saw both at once

  8. Very nice one . It will be a good intro for NLP

  9. Damn! It freaked the hell out of me!

  10. Great demonstration!! I put this on my blog today. Thanks 🙂

  11. That paradigm was an illusion.

  12. a good teacher just needs 5 minutes to remember one at what one yet knows and clear him up again .)

  13. I seen the old woman woman first in
    picture 2 so when he brought it up again
    i thought he didnt know, and i looked closely and saw the younger woman.
    Anyone confused? well
    simply put, the nose
    of the old lady is the youngers chin,
    and her eyes is the youngers ears.

  14. I always could see both of the pictures in examples like this.( including this specific example) I just shift back and forth…and that is from the first time I ever saw any examples such as these.So conditioning isn’t the explanation. More something in how my brain works I guess.

  15. i saw a weener

  16. Good.

  17. lol

  18. phone home!

  19. Er, the second and third pictures seemed identical to me – an old woman. Where was the illusion?

  20. theres a picture in the picture
    2 in 1

  21. I saw a Bat!

  22. A paradigm shift occurs when the brain fills in details based on ambiguous information in a different way that it previously filled in the blanks based on ambiguous information. But that does not change the underlying nature of the observed phenomenau.

  23. that was really good. I too love stephen covey’s books/tapes.

  24. i saw a ufo in the picture what does that mean

  25. its supposed to be that way so he can get your eyes adjusted to the picture he wants you to see.

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