Criss Angel Restaurant Hypnosis , can you ???

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20. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. if i got a dollar for every pixel in this video, id have one dollar

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  6. its easier for him to allow him to hypnotize them because hes famous

  7. @sikatangpinoy1 their were subliminal messages hidden in the restaurant

  8. What many dont see in this clip is the massive subliminal work (on menu, on TV screens, on table fliers) . Keywords activated the trance.

  9. that was fake those was actors who bent paid for it-.-

  10. You can’t do mind reading but you can read others body language.

  11. Mind Reading is not real. I’ve been a fan of Derren Brown for years. NLP does not grant someone mystical powers over other peoples minds.

    The first thing said before every Derren Brown show “magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship.”

    And as he states, it’s a mixture, none of it is real and he admits that. The magic is letting you believe that it might be real. You are pulled in by the showmanship of him, not to say that is something to be ashamed of, but get it right…

  12. Mind Reading is real, but Criss Angel is fake, thoseare just actors. What Criss Angel did in the video was impossible even for the best psychologists in the world. Criss Angel just blurted out a few words and instantly hypnotizes the people, that is impossible. You need more than just those words to hypnotize a person or a group of people.

    If you wanna see real hypnotism and influence watch Derren Brown, he does not claim anything magical is happening, watch it.

  13. a good technique

  14. You forgot to show the part where he steals the french fries!
    It’s way better than anything before!!

  15. yes people, that is real stuff. that is possible to do. the stuff on the video and flyers they had to look at sent messages to their brain to COMPLETLEY relax and be soothed. then because they are so relaxed he is abel to tell them to sleep and they do.

  16. Not as good as the stuff at: mindreadingexposed_dot-com_

    oh yeah, he also repeats “3 different clogs oging ROUND in your mind” and 3 things he emphasises the 3 – tri

  17. Not as good as the stuff at: mindreadingexposed_dot-com_

    James Randi did the same thing a few years ago, it actually shows the video in the similar video box on the right. Nothing special, it’s all just pretty much the way everyone feels.

  18. is that real??

  19. Not as good as the stuff at: mindreadingexposed(.dot.)com

    the strippers name sounds like “mrs feel ya bits” ! lol hehe

  20. Yes. And you cannot.

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