Cure Stage Fright: Effective Help And Treatment Cure Stage Fright: Effective Help And Treatment It is very possible to completely cure stage fright for good. Stage fright is a conditioned response, a learned behaviour, you were not born with the fear of performing on stage, and this conditioned response can be effectively reconditioned and retrained with a combination of techniques from the fields of hypnotherapy and NLP. It does not matter at all where or when you learned your stage fright. What matters is what techniques are going to be the most effective in overwriting your past conditioning. We have worked with actors, popular singers, opera singers and politicians to get rid of their terror of performing in front of other people. Sometimes it is the case that someone was always scared of this, all their life. Other times even an experienced performer can develop these fears, and then they start to worry about getting scared again, and lo and behold they do. Either way, stage fright is a self fulfilling prophesy, and someone suffering from this invariably and inevitably fears going on stage ahead of time. This, unfortunately, acts to program them to be more likely to be that way. The difference between someone who suffers from these fears and someone who doesnt is this fear in advance, this anticipation of anxiety. Retrain the mind to stop doing this, add in some powerful hypnotic suggestions and the problem is sorted. Our aim is not to simply cure stage fright and make you feel OK. It is to help
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  1. @conman2317 Yeah. I’m not going to rely on booze for my performance thank you very much. But if you want to screw up the rest of your life with alchohol, by all means! Get your own!

  2. @linkfan160 there’s a stradegy that many actors and famous public speakers use. It is something that is fairly easy to find and is relatively cheap. It’s called alcohol.

  3. i had stage fright but now thank you so much!

  4. @pivotpcproductions Ducks are cute ^_^

  5. @pookerella : I have the same problem. I practice. I know the song. But I just freeze. :S

  6. Laura, I have stage fright, but I’m not so afraid of getting on the stage, and it’s not rapid heartbeat or sweaty palms; it’s like my mind goes blank. I practice and practice and practice, but sometimes (especially with instruments; not singing) I get up there and I make so many mistakes and sometimes freeze. Will your course help with this too?

  7. I should just preform super high

  8. @linkfan160 I reccomend, don’t go on the stage alone. Unless you have to. If you have to, then I advise. Don’t look out to the audience. Trust me! I’ve been out on the stage several times. I went once with a friend, and she was the one who was nervous not me… But we had each other to hold each other up.

  9. I suck at stage confidence and this week I’m performing in a concert watched by the nation on a very important historical date, OMFG

  10. wow that did not help at all (NO AFENCE)

  11. drink a little before a performance hahaha


  13. @pivotpcproductions actually i was told that ducks ruling the world was a myth. it’s supposed to be unicorns i thought. because they didn’t make it to noahs ark when the earth flooded so they were lost in the oceans forever. until now. when they come back and take over the world. bwhahahahahh!

  14. @pivotpcproductions
    what the hell?!?!?! XDDD

  15. i had to do a solo in school, i have stage fright. i was shaking, and sweating and crying, but i did it. just think of someone you feel safe with and look at them while you do your solo or sing on stage. i have a very good friend and she helped me alot. thx bff! and thats my advice


  17. I’m only 13 years old and i’ve been wanting to get over stagefright since i was a little girl. I am now entering 8th grade and want to perform on a stage in front of my whole school. I don’t know if im possibly ready yet and i’ve been having bad thoughts and predictions about the upcoming show, please help mee. thank you for your video also.

  18. im the lead solo for don’t stop believing at my school im fucking scared

  19. lol this biath prroably has stage fight

  20. i’m pretty sure i realize i am alive all the time otherwise their something very wrong with me…

  21. I feel something else. When I’m playing rock and roll the energy I get within me makes me play better, But when I’m playing relaxing music the energy causes me to fail. My initial thought is not being afraid to make a mistake. When I get to anxious I have no control of my instrument even when I know the song in my sleep.

  22. Made me feel better 🙂

  23. What is it that English have this credibility on thier advices.

  24. just remember that the audience is there for you. they aren’t against you and they will not sit there and criticize what you’re doing. think of when you are in an audience, are you hoping that the person performing will fail? probably not, and that’s how everybody else is thinking too.

  25. Oh okay, thanky you.

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