Delayed Ejaculation: Help For Ejaculation Problems Delayed ejaculation can be effectively treated with a powerful combination of NLP and hypnotherapy. If you are suffering from any sexual problems which may have a physiological basis then please seek conventional medical treatment first. However, the vast majority of men who suffer from delayed ejaculation problems get checked out physically and are told that there is nothing mechanically wrong with them. What tends to happen is this. The man, who has for whatever reason been unable to ejaculate as he normally would have done, starts to worry about it, and unfortunately, this worry or anxiety about ejaculation begins to become a self fulfilling prophesy. So then the man worries about it more and the problem gets worse, and soon hi is seemingly locked in a vicious circle. If he is lucky then his partner wont take it personally and will be helpful, encouraging and supportive. If he is not so lucky then the partner will blame themselves for not being attractive enough. And that, of course, makes the problem worse. The goo d news is that these self fulfilling prophesies, these loops of thinking, are generally not complicated, they are just thorough. When a combination of techniques from the worlds of NKLP and hypnotherapy are applied, to retrain the conscious and the unconscious mind, to recondition the delayed ejaculation response, the effects are often rapid and lasting. So it is not therapy, it is training, education and reconditioning. Any of our
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  1. i do have problems but this helped 🙂

  2. @Squeegee33
    how long did it take for you?

  3. @globalpeace43v3r you are racist a pervert asking immature question. I suggest you go for treatment 🙂

  4. how long u stop masterbating?

  5. @Squeegee33 Are you serious?

  6. I cured my D.E.

    the advice I could give is stop masterbating and just have sex, it will fix itself eventually.

  7. I have pharmacologically induced DE and have been this way for 20 years. Most of my partners have been very understanding. If it gets too much for them, I would just take matters into my own hands…:O) I agree with all the other comments…DE sounds great on paper..and maybe for a short time it is…but not when it becomes the only show in town.

  8. that’s right. delayed ejaculation is even worse than pre ejac. its a very depressing and frustrating for a woman when u go to the bed thinking if this’session’ will ever be over…?? and u cant t ell ur partner to get off or f* off. becos it will hurt him………

  9. @HerrAdi88 You’re not alone. I’ve had the problem for years. Yeah, the fact that I can last for hours sounds good on paper, but invariably, my mate thinks she’s doing something wrong, or that she’s just not attractive enough for me. And yes, I haven’t yet found a woman who doesn’t eventually grow weary (not to mention physically sore) at the constant pumping away.

  10. It’s a curse I tell ya! I’m a man of 21 years and I am VERY sexual. But I have trouble reaching orgasm when I am with a woman 🙁 . It takes me forever to get there, no matter what I try or how attracted to the woman I am (that has some influence, but the problem is always there).
    First they really appreciate a guy who can last for hours but at some point it gets annoying for both of us. It can be very straining for a relationship.
    I’m going to try cutting down on the booze. Hope that helps…

  11. This is more helpful than any “mens health” website.

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