Depression Overcoming #1

Part of of a series of techniques for overcoming depression.

16. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. I’m sure it would be much easier to overcome the depression just by seeing such a charming therapist 🙂

  2. I’ve changed the way I view depression I now see it as a form of conviction – things I need to change. I’ve learned just as the video suggest to focus on my successes and not the negatives sometimes you have to reflect to aid yourself in seeing how far you’ve come. If we look at the reasons we’re depressed then we become suppressed. In most cases if you can’t lift YOURSELF out of depression forgiveness is necessary. If you are depressed it’s definitely a sign you need to mind your own business.

  3. once you are depressed, you assume everyone is depressed. change your frequency my friend. it is true when they say you are the world. what is inside you, you project it onto others.

  4. that just means you are alive. you have to be alert/aware and why do you focus on violence, rape, murder, etc?? in third world countries, people are more together and live jointly unlike in the US/UK (where all you run after is money/fame/power). that is why i say once you have achieved everything and nothing else is there, you fall into depression. however, the idiots never look in to find out and rely on others.

  5. This sounds a good approach as when you are feeling/suffering from depression it is all too easy to ignore the positive and good aspects life has to offer all of us. Subsequently falling into a viscous circle of negativity which can seem impossible to break at times.

  6. Good advice. Count your blessings.
    What also works for me is working up a sweat. Going to the gym or running. The more active you are, the less depressed you’re going to be.
    Your mind also follows what your body tells it (and vice versa). Adjust your body posture (a more confident stance) and your mind will follow as well.

  7. Thank you for these suggestions. My father frequently suffers from depression and has difficulty coping with it. I will definitely suggest this technique to him and also try it myself to gain a more balanced view of life.

  8. sometimes your videos are very helpful. thank you for continuing to care about people who think they are nothing 🙂


  9. thank you so much for this video. your right , thinking positive thoughts is so important. writting in our gratitude book will help us remain focused everyday on the positive parts of our life. and im sure the people in poor countries are depressed . depression is a real emotion , it can effect anyone. : )

  10. Yeah, most of my grown up life I felt depressed, still feel, it paralyzes me well and I’m very happy about.
    Perhaps the best therapy would be living in a third world country, where people still have faith, drug abuse on a daily bases and domestic violence is common, rape and murder a daily routine.

  11. Wow i love the way you dress in this video.

  12. Excellent advice. The necklace and earings are uber too.

  13. Right on.

  14. I am grateful for Alkistis…. I love your Necklace.

  15. You can be grateful for the same thing on repeat occasions….Keep digging for more gold and you will find it. Thanx.

  16. first, there is no such thing as depression.
    and second, if you are in depression it means you are very lucky.

    think about it, who goes into depression:
    1) when you have everything, then only you go into depression. in poor countries, they don’t know about depression as they are still striving.

    accept it and meditate (everyday) and you will see.

  17. I have a question. What if you are wrriting in your gratitude book and then all of a sudden one day you run out of things that you are grateful for? Is this a negative thing that must be corrected?

  18. So true. Gratitude is so important – a gateway to a better experience of life 🙂

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