Derren Brown – How To Be A Pickpocket 1

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25. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Shamed in front of his girl.

  2. i would be so uncomfortable him being that close too me lol

  3. He thinks it’s a wallet…it’s a bag of weed. 🙁

  4. how do you take off a man’s tie without him noticing?! xD

  5. O W N E D!!!

  6. @brandonman052 He can pick unprotected anuses too, easily.

  7. this stuff isnt really as hard as everybody makes it seem, but its still awesome to see

  8. @BenHughesStudios
    It’s not hard. xD

  9. pff. Bob Arno would have taken the guys watch, tie and wallet the moment the guy would have stood up.

  10. @brandonman052 you know he’s still gonna get it though :p you just wont notice

  11. ninja

  12. he looks like nathan kress

  13. If I were that poor bloke being pick-pocketed, I’d be like “Get your fucking dirty hands off my chest!” and just punch him in the face. Nobody touches my junk!

  14. he’d be a beast at removing a girl’s bra-strap without her even noticing lol

  15. You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by a smooth criminal

  16. well. i kinda feel bad for this kid. seems like the whole time he knew what was going on to an extent but is just to nice of a guy to say something

  17. @brandonman052 lol!

  18. is that Harry Potter?

  19. idk how well that would work in the U.S lol

  20. if i ever see him i will run as fast as i can and shove everything up my ass

  21. derren’s fav trick, about the TRAIN stations

  22. i feel sorry for that guy…but derren is so awesome wish i could do that hahah XD

  23. COOOL

  24. just…..WOW!!!!!!

  25. I Saw This Like 8 Times! I Love It! 🙂

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