Derren Brown – How To Be Confident – Part 1

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18. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. go to a brothel dude …


  3. Thank God he wasn’t a woman, at the OB/GYN and in the stirrups…. too funny. We all feel stupid at the dentist

  4. i’m wondering if i should make my friends eat glass. is the guy chewing actual glass? i don’t want anybody to hurt themselves if this actually isn’t possible with real glass

  5. Its crazy cause Derren already knows which card you will pick so

    its nvr a surprise for him….

    TRICK or TREAT…it doesnt matter wat you pick…cause Derren knows it ^_^

  6. coffee and a bum?

  7. how to be confident… eat lightbulbs

  8. @cekinxxx oh shit I heard it

  9. he is like the devil

  10. wtf if i saw all those instruments i would have this real? he seemed too calm

  11. @Frdchanga yeah a lot

  12. @cekinxxx creepy….

  13. thumb up if u hearded hiiiiii at 1:21

  14. Derren looks like a Russian devil

  15. when i saw him giving him a check up my teeth started to hurt =(

  16. someone take that thing out of his mouth gezzz////

  17. dammit youtube picked up on this F5 trick

  18. I’m baffled.

  19. Woooo im drinking WINE

  20. @kyryll any thin glass like neon glass

    ive done that before

    but make sure you wash it with water before you start chewing it and use your mollars to chew it

  21. lol this reminds me of saw lmao

  22. @kyryll I wonder the same. I don’t see why Derren would use fake (sugar) glass. I can’t wait to try it myself. However, that little concern is still around my mind: “what if in fact it was fake glass?” It is worth asking this question here, maybe some know more bout the subject.

  23. is that a special glass he was chewing?

  24. I wonder what his dentist thinks of the end of this clip…

  25. One: Thanks for the uploads. Two: your annotations are annoying and exploitive.

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