Derren Brown Hypnotizes People on a train! – NLP Hypnosis Derren Brown using hypnosis and mind control to force people to lose their memory on a train! Tags: Derren Brown mind control trick tricks of the mind persuasion influence nlp neuro linguistic programming Hypnotism how to Hynotize People with Hypnotic Suggestion Conversational Hypnosis NLP Subliminal Persuasion Psychic Mind Reading Psychology Mentalism How to Persuade / Hypnotise Neuro linguistic programming ross jeffries seduction seduce attraction sci fi channel magic magician magicians subconscious Russians russians spy psychically electronic Subliminal Messages Self Mind Control or Auto Suggestion hypnotize stop smoking be more confident Taylor Starr the “Triad” secretive group real effective mind control secret secrets methods Clifford Mee conversation david blane penn and teller harry houdini david copperfield covert hypnosis

17. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Such a good big camera and such a bad quality.

  2. if you buy mind eraser you can learn how to do this and much more =)

  3. @ZombiePirate101 classic conversational hypnosis…. You are 100000% accurate in your comment ! good job 😀

  4. @ZombiePirate101 notice how he says stop very clearly and then make a brief break to reinforce the sentence aswell 😛

  5. NUHY

  6. Active word there is “force.” = evil. SHAME ON HIM.

  7. @vargend He told them that they were filming a documnetary.

  8. @MasterCoolX3 I done similar things after hypnosis training…at coffee houses just getting people to go into a trance like sleep…and waking them up again…all without them knowing its happened. Done it only a few times because I was skeptical…but it works with many people, quickly. Now I give healing therapies and use hypno in public during unscrupulous police interactions or dealing with car sales men who are rude or pushy…or upset women / men. Higher level speaking really. Best Wishes-

  9. @BoyznGirlz09 You piece of racist pie…

  10. don’t go to the website!!!!

  11. he would probably give some paper to the black guy to pay a taxi hahaha

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  13. 2:13 haha americans are too smart too be hypnotized

  14. FAKE 2:21 big camera!!!!!!!XDDD

  15. after so many replays Derren Brown uses the word “Stop”, then followed by the hand gesture and then continues saying, “…thinking about it now.” So basically Derren was commanding the person to “Stop thinking about it now.” 😀

  16. he probably put some kind of weird hypnosis on everyone in the train so they dont notice the people holding cameras too right?

  17. This is so fake.

  18. @marcomai1990 If thats true then this video is fake.

  19. this trick is just like how when u meet ur friends u forget what news to tell them

  20. Now that’s a mind fuck.

  21. @Koolked96

    That’s the point.

  22. derren has a fail to the other guy…. THE ONE WHO DID NOT FORGET HIS STOP

  23. does this show only air in the UK?

  24. Need to see what lies beneath?Not satisfied with what you have found?Unlock your true spiritual and psychic potential.Sleep no more, THE-HIDDEN-SPIRITdotCOM

  25. He clearly tells them to “stop thinking about it now”.

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