Derren Brown Hypnotizes People to think that paper is Money! Derren Brown using NLP, hypnosis and mentalism to buy stuff (even expensize jewelry) with blank paper – he’s hypnotized them to think it’s money! Tags: Derren Brown mind control trick tricks of the mind persuasion influence nlp neuro linguistic programming Hypnotism how to Hynotize People with Hypnotic Suggestion Conversational Hypnosis NLP Subliminal Persuasion Psychic Mind Reading Psychology Mentalism How to Persuade / Hypnotise Neuro linguistic programming ross jeffries seduction seduce attraction sci fi channel magic magician magicians subconscious Russians russians spy psychically electronic Subliminal Messages Self Mind Control or Auto Suggestion hypnotize stop smoking be more confident Taylor Starr the “Triad” secretive group real effective mind control secret secrets methods Clifford Mee conversation david blane penn and teller harry houdini david copperfield covert hypnosis
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17. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Are they actually being hypnotized, or are they just too scared to challenge him?

    I think they are initially happy to have a well dressed upper class guy doing business with them at first, and they’re just to nice to scare him away.

    It seems to me to be almost similar to the by-stander effect, but in a 1 on 1 situation. I think they know they got conned instantly, but are to cowardly to do anything about it. and let him just walk away.

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  3. @awwwwnaaaa He figured it was a 20.

  4. Jedi mindtricks dont work on him only money

  5. This is why businesses like hiring imigrants. They won’t get scammed.

  6. i can do that…. with a gun

  7. Even if he doesn’t give the stuff back I’d justify it because it’s such amazing NLP

  8. @dannyboyinxs suck my dick then. That one I will believe

  9. @georgianborat worked didn’t it? I just tried this concept on a mate, but with a drink. I practically told him he wants it, and he took it.

    Obviously i can just tell it won’t work on you because you don’t believe in what you’re told. Your comment is a perfect example.

    It’s not a matter of believing – we know it will work on some. Now click the “exit” button and continue watching your justin bieber videos.

  10. You know i watched this a first time and didn’t know how he did it. Yet just upon watching it again, when he was talking about the subway, he said the words “take it, it’s fine” which related to both his story and the real situation at hand.

    The moment i realised what he just did, my mind just exploded. This is incredible.

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  12. This is a pattern interrupt. All you need to do is get someone distracted, then induce them to perform a very routine activity (which they are thinking even less about since they’re distracted) and break the pattern, at which point you can impart a suggestion (here, “take it, it’s fine.”) The pattern here is accepting money, which these people do all day, every day.

  13. @georgianborat why not? happen to lots of people every day.

  14. I think shes a gud singa i luv listenin 2 LOVE GAME – naked ladygaga. C(O)M –

  15. lulz he tricked the jew out of his platnum

  16. Do you people believe in this bullshit?

  17. There are rumors that he is using a technique known as conversational hypnosis… a kind of impromptu hypnosis that is covertly done…. to influence the thought and behaviour of people….may be this is somehing he may comment about…

  18. he says take it, that goes to ur head and u take it…

  19. the key is to distract them with questions, get them thinking of other things, then pulling out the money and he sais its fine, its fine, so its like persuasion.

  20. @xHizukax Alright mate, sorry for the rudeness…was kinda mean to you.

    Take care 😉

  21. @xcarmox my post is old, and at that time i really believe in his so called ‘HYPNOTISM’… but now to me he is david blaine…….. in other words ‘fake’ …

  22. @xHizukax In what world you live?…course they gave the ring back….this is telly, a public serie to show people how our minds get tricky and works sometimes…being him an hoster of a show and the though of a tv steal money from radom people is course unceptable by society…so again do you really think he keep it all?….grow up!!!

  23. @stormprorustyc ok, but what part of the subliminal message told the person how much money they received so that they could actually give db the right change??

  24. the first guy gave him change, but db only said “take it it’s fine”… so what did the guy think he received as he must have calculated the change. Was he giving him change for 10, 20 dollars or what? He didn’t seem to hypno the guy into thinking he just received, say, a 10 dollar bill… just money.. if you get my drift.

  25. i live this. idk how it works but is he using the same key words? i notice he sticks to the same patter in the stores.

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