Derren Brown Hypnotizes Simon Pegg – Learn NLP HQ HD

Want to know how he does it? Derren Brown using subliminal mind control and hypnosis to influence Simon Pegg into thinking he chooses what Derren has already MADE him choose! Tags: Tags: Derren Brown Simon Pegg mind control stripper strippers exotic dancer dancers how to get laid pick up girls trick tricks of the mind persuasion influence nlp neuro linguistic programming Hypnotism how to Hynotize People with Hypnotic Suggestion Conversational Hypnosis NLP Subliminal Persuasion Psychic Mind Reading Psychology Mentalism How to Persuade / Hypnotise Neuro linguistic programming ross jeffries seduction seduce attraction sci fi channel magic magician magicians subconscious Russians russians spy psychically electronic Subliminal Messages Self Mind Control or Auto Suggestion hypnotize stop smoking be more confident Taylor Starr the “Triad” secretive group real effective mind control secret secrets methods Clifford Mee conversation david blane penn and teller harry houdini david copperfield explained exposed cold reading medium mediums answers book pure effect absolute the system how to control people manipulate manipulation Mind Reading how to read minds and be become psychic training Derek Acorah Derreck Accorah Tom Silver Gerald Kein covert hypnosis
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20. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. lol as if. Politicians are among the most dumb, rebotic people on earth. If anyone’s hypnotized, it’d much more likely be them.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA second viewing: Just noticed the recording device in the background with the spinning reels, just like spinning bike wheels! Nice!

  3. dangerous dude indeed

  4. politicians do this to us all the time

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  6. @rebecoutsa jeah, right,… like Xbox and “X”… also I did notice there are a lot of red circles, circles and round forms in general…

  7. @HomieFilms yeah, its simon pegg, one of the greatest british actors out there 😉

  8. @Bloodmire9 me too.I want to know the title of the full so SO BAD!It’s not the main theme though 🙁

  9. Bullshit!

  10. simon pegg seems really convinced he’d rote down bmx bike, he did not even need a lether jacket,. why would he ask for a lether jacket? and why doesnt he remember even after seeing it?

    seems odd to me.

    i’m not saying i don’t believe this, just doubt

    if it is true, you dont want to know about all the advertising you see.

  11. or smth really similar

  12. love the music 😀

  13. @HomieFilms yep

  14. He swapped the envelopes. Basic stuff. He swaps the envelopes in the “subliminal advertising” video too.

  15. isn’t that the guy from the movie “Shawn of the dead”?????

  16. It’s ironic that a person is selling these skills but uses a clip of someone else to prove that what he’s selling works.
    If it does and if this person ( is so good at it, then why not start to wonder why you do not see him doing this? That would be far more a convincer than using a clip of a magician such as Derren Brown for your shameless plugging of pseudo-scientific methods.

    I bet yah loan-er doesn’t know what happens here!

  17. Goddamn this is the first one i’ve got ,a BMX when i was barely SIX…by most beloved grandfather.and the one was lot more comlicated than the one here with a great suspension rod both front and back..i’m getting a bit nostalgic.
    coming to the point everyone wants a bmx when they are kids…,idk what a bmx was at that age..

  18. derren never reveals how he does his tricks…its called a fake reveal to make you think its something grander than it is…but u know nothing of magic so of course ud say that as an uninformed person. used by religious and new age companies? dude i dont even know what is goin through your head. im not gonna reveal it because decieiving u is the whole point of what derren does and all magicians. good god man

  19. PSSSHH that’s a classic logical fallacy “Of course I know! I’m just not going to tell you because of X!” If you respected Derren(Who typically reveals how he does things on his own anyways) you wouldn’t use such logical fallacies used by the religious and new age medicine companies that he dislikes so much.

  20. OR, Get somebody that’s really suggestible and would fall for what exactly what he did. Remember, he said he wrote his signature in a place so that if it was opened you could tell. And it was even in his wallet, which means folded inside of something else thats folded and then put in his pocket. I doubt they hired a professional to impersonate his handwriting either.

  21. umm no…this has nothing to do with a hand shake interrupt crap and has nothing to do with suggestion. im not going to reveal how this is done because i have respect for derren but that has nothing to do how this is done…at all.

  22. wouldn’t work on me…maybe i’m too thick headed for it 😛

  23. full of shit… but there would be a way to do it… 1 buy a BMX bike
    2 get a person that is highly suggestible and get that person to fill in a form to capture his/her handwriting style

    3 ask him/her to write down what they want

    4 exchange the paper with one you created with “BMX Bike” written on it copying the handwriting style of the person.

    5. Convince the person that you really did change his/her mind.


  24. Awesome.

  25. The explanation is BS else that dude has a brain made of play-doh.

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