Derren Brown last show: ENIGMA

FELL FREE TO SUBSCRIBE the lastest show from the genius mind of Derren Brown, i’ve decided to upload this show cause of his extreme genius, i hope u will enjoy ENIGMA.
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16. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. hmmm, anyone else spot the simple card trick that was hyped up to a full mind reading routine? impressive showmanship, derren. i applaud your bravery.

  2. This and Derren’s other work just pwns the fucking shit out of all those supposed paranormal people. Derren’s psychological trickery is waaaaaay more impressive than the “real magic” of the supposed psychics.

    Derren is the man!

  3. I think I may have been in that theatre watching Avenue Q.
    Or one that looks awfully like it.
    Long time ago, so I am not sure.

  4. Incredible.

  5. Listen at 1:04:20 You can hear a mumble in th emusic followed by 1 and A A A A A A A A)… Derren is the master of manipulation…what a ledgend…spotted a few more but dont want to give any more away…definately someone who could join the first earth battalion mentioned in Jon Ronson’s book, about Goats!

  6. Simply astounding…he IS a genius entertainer, and master mentalist.

  7. X CeccoX Oh ! non e’ una creazione di Paul Daniel e lo stesso dicasi della Cabina Spiritica.

  8. Grandissima la rivisitazione della “Spirit Cabinet” … all’inizio credevo si trattasse della OH! … ma pur sempre di Paul Daniels si tratta… Ottiimo!

  9. You can see spectators saying “what the fuck” ahah

  10. That was truly the most entertaining one hour fifteen minutes i have spent in a long time, Derren is truly a gifted individual, i just wish that at one time i may actually meet the guy…

  11. omg l’effetto di doris è davvero shockante

  12. The ENDING fxxk me up the MOST!!!!!


  13. F I G O N!

  14. derren è sempre derren N1 😛 grzdiqst video!

  15. derren e’ un vero mito…

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