Derren Brown- Russian Scam (explained)

I reply to a video where it seems Derren Brown hypnotizes a man into willfully giving up his belongings. I give an explanation for how this might have been done. Watch the referenced video first: (Here’s the original video link but seems to have died): Notes on a few things: – I noticed in the video I keep saying “pattern break” while “pattern interrupt” is the more common term. – In asking the man directions he distracts him, but more specifically it causes the man to enter an altered state where he internally processes for an answer. Like with the handshake interrupt this puts the man out of his conscious mode and invokes a short trance state. Google “transderivational search” for more info. – Giving the man the bottle is additionally a persuasion technique… I give you something first, then you give me something. NOTICE: My use of the Derren Brown copyrighted video material is strictly limited and is used for critical analysis. Such limited use is considered “Fair Use” under US Copyright law.

22. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Dang…Derren melting peoples’ brains once again. I love this guy. Amazingly, this also works on non-Europeans as well, like East Asians. Weird

  2. holy shit i forgot how nasty youtube looked back then hahah

  3. Brilliant video thanks MystryBox! My take is that about 10% of the population are very suggestible types i.e you can induce unconscious commands and easily confuse their unconscious patterns very easily. About 1-2% are highly suggestible, most probably such as this guy here. Whenever you see these sorts of videos, as with stage hypnotism, the hypnotist will always seek these kinds of people. Right I’m off to use for Jedi Mind Powers for the good of humanity!! :-0

  4. look.. hypnotisism is what people believe it to be, in actual fact the people who do get hypnotised would more than likely just get on stage and do what they are asked with out all the showmanship, all it does is relaxes you you and it can’t do anything that you normally wouldn’t do.. any psychologist knows this.

  5. @artemeeb if derren brown used actors, one of them would have let the cat out of the bag by now. no, he fools the audience more than he fools the people he uses in his tricks. but all the nlp/hypnosis/psychological control stuff is total bullshit. he just is great at making his audience believe it, that’s what makes him a genius

  6. or is just an actor staged trick

  7. Not bad

  8. good analysis.

  9. Its basic human physiology

  10. You are a smart guy

  11. @Mrcharliem251 An objective, SCIENTIFIC study of the Russian Scam (not a trick unique to Mr. Brown) showed that it works about 10 to 30 % of the time. That is not a majority.

  12. I have trouble believing this shit is real…

  13. @mrjedidja OK, I think we may have found common ground! Perhaps, it fairer to say that NLP has packaged older techniques originating in hypnosis and Eriksonian hypnosis.

  14. Wow! Nice work, thanks!

  15. @alexoidztube Yeah, I agree with that, but he uses no NLP. The techniques he uses are older than NLP and have much simpler explanation than NLP.

  16. @Mrcharliem251 I haven’t once denied that they work?? so don’t need to accept any more than I do…
    You need to accept that not everything you see on tv is as it appears, He may have had to perform this trick dozens of times to get a good result like he did…you so a majority of clips where he does make it work and you’re like “wow! hes got skills” hhehee

  17. @OtagoMark You need to do some research, then you will find out the techniques he uses are proven to work. Science accepts this because it’s been proven to work in experiments. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to believe?

  18. @Mrcharliem251 Majority? no. I don’t doubt this is possible.. but majority? you sucker.

  19. @OtagoMark If you watch the full show, he shows you he doesn’t get it right all the time. The majority of people it will work on though.

  20. @Mrcharliem251 Did it occur to you that he may have tried this with 100 people before he got a hit?? and ofcourse you only get to see the success? everyone has these “skills” its just an odds game

  21. @OtagoMark Yes you did… “”Mysterybox…forget all that mumbo jumob and look up “stooge” Thats what you said, how is that not implying you think he used a stooge?

  22. @OtagoMark I know, I am using it an an example that Derren does have theese skills so he has no need for him to use a stooge. Once again, he been in this business for over 10 years now, not once has he been shown to use stooges, There are professionals that analyse this and can tell if the victim is acting or not through body language etc.

  23. @Mrcharliem251 Actually you complete moron I didnt say he used stooges.. get ya facts right

  24. @Mrcharliem251 He didnt toss a frisby into the street

  25. @OtagoMark Derren does not use stooges, these techniqes are all real and scientificly proven. Do you really think he could have a career in this type of thing for over 10 years now with out being shown to have stooges? I have seen him live, he picks audience members by the use of a frisbee so it is completely random. He does similar things to theese random people on stage.

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