Derren Brown uses Hypnosis to freeze people! – How to NLP Derren Brown uses hypnosis to freeze people awesome! Take a free course in how to hypnotize people at the link above! Tags: action activist adams afternoon ali alig american and angry animal annoying around austin automatica balls baron beating beckham bible birds blind…
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03. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @adrianjgonzalez thats just stupid

  2. screw the iPod voice-controll… this is the true shit! 🙂

  3. FAKE

  4. I was stuck for a few seconds but I shook myself free because I realized what was going on.

    To think that taking Psychology in college wouldnt help you in life. Now I can combat youtube videos!

  5. 1) Hold your breath.

    2) Copy all of these steps.

    3) Go to two other video.

    4) Paste it in the comments.

    If you can do all of this without breathing you’re a good pot smoker

  6. not so much hypnoses as it is strong suggestion. look at the work Freund and Breuer did in their earlier years if you think its all bull. Derren is a master

  7. can somebody thump up for me, I’m stuck

  8. @adrianjgonzalez sure…

  9. i am f***ing freezing man i’m so cold

  10. many viewer got freeze after reading the comment saying they freeze too

  11. @ghostynoises This is why democracy is an illusion and a danger to freedom. What’s a wolf to do? Gain control of the sheep or separate from the masses?

  12. @hugo75000 fuck you cunt, ur a useless faggot. ur mother should have swallowed u. keyboard fucken warrior talkin shit, takin it out on people u dont no because u were molested. eat shit and die.

  13. @dcyodcyo you are a huge pathetic smelly maggot dump! Strange that this has been proven not to work and to be beyond bullshit. Strange that this does not work on anyone else except the ppl hired to play along. Please get over your pathetic “hypnosis fetish” and than kill yourself and stop shitting on planet earth with your bacterial infected maggot shit

  14. derren brown is god

  15. Hmmmm, now I wonder… tapping into my high school’s intercom system….

  16. @TheAwesomeClub she said the end bit not fourth bit

  17. OMG IT WORKED… you have to wear heaphones and breathe reallllly easy

  18. @adrianjgonzalez I experienced the same when i saw this the first time wearing headphones. Like he said before, we do it to ourselves. Especially when highly suggestible. Frikkin awesome.

  19. soo…. no one saw him blinking, breathing or whatever? Fake-ish

  20. @mswagg30
    He always says that its not phsycic and that its magic but its also a mixture of alot of other things

    like NLP

  21. @vontel Magic exists. Not hard for somebody to lie. I lie, you lie, everybody can lie, the american gov’t has been lying to the whole country. Most news channels lie 24 hours a day 7 days a week. But.. for some reason.. Derren brown doesn’t lie…?

  22. Ahhh, sheep. We love you, us wolves that is. To think that a mind exists out there that is so easily swayed by speech and presence, is both fascinating and disgusting. Fascinating from a curious point of view. Disgusting because they are also allowed to vote…

  23. fake

  24. how

  25. False cause and effect?

    “Even though you know that it’s just a mannequin, you can absolutely imagine that feeling coming from your feet, where your feet are at the moment, rooted into the ground, that maybe you find your eyelids growing heavy and wanting to close.”

    The fact that it’s a mannequin has nothing to do with feelings in one’s feet and eyelids. And he didn’t describe in that sentence what was the specific feeling in one’s feet. Interesting. Wow, hypnotic language is so complicated…

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