Derren Brown uses Mind Control to get Cash! NLP How To Magic Derren Brown using mind control and hypnosis to get a woman to give him cash for a losing ticket at the dog track. Learn how he does it! Tags: Derren Brown mind control trick tricks of the mind persuasion influence nlp neuro linguistic programming Hypnotism how to Hynotize People with Hypnotic Suggestion Conversational Hypnosis NLP Subliminal Persuasion Psychic Mind Reading Psychology Mentalism How to Persuade / Hypnotise Neuro linguistic programming ross jeffries seduction seduce attraction sci fi channel magic magician magicians subconscious Russians russians spy psychically electronic Subliminal Messages Self Mind Control or Auto Suggestion hypnotize stop smoking be more confident Taylor Starr the “Triad” secretive group real effective mind control secret secrets methods Clifford Mee conversation david blane penn and teller harry houdini david copperfield covert hypnosis
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01. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. LOL theyre keeping the money after tellin her

  2. I’m a bit disappointed of Fasty Boy.

    But The Force seems to be with that guy

  3. Derren Brown is actually banned from Casino’s in Great Britain due to his card counting skills.

  4. @teerav707 bhwahahaha

  5. why we came to this ‘WINdow’

  6. Every tycoon in the world today sought finances for their projects. ez-casino(dot)com has the technique that satisfied half of them. 😀

  7. 3:43 “we don’t wanna be greedy” haha ya right

  8. who says what at 1:08? “thanks ol pet”?

  9. Elbow trick he said follow me, so he did it right.
    2nd trick she could have been flustered by the fact he pounded the wall, and he was demanding in his voice. Im sure the trick has to do with making here second guess herself somehow. Anyways, that was an asshole move not giving back the money she was tricked into giving them.

  10. His level of midi-chlorians has to be extreme. 🙂

  11. So he knows those machine can’t read properly.

  12. no i call bullshit

  13. Fuck HOW?

  14. @highway79 Absolutely – the most exsquisite mind trick that we’re looking at here is that people believe in stuff just because It’s been filmed and aired on TV.

  15. This guy would be the best homeless person ever……

  16. @MMAGuyOmega great band

  17. @stanfamily : no u just dont understand….

  18. @xwow12345x my thoughts works on strippers very easily.try it.

  19. yeah thanks for all the faking crew for this shit ,,, just waste my bloodly 7 mins , you fucking derren!!

  20. you’ve just been mind fucked

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  22. 160 pounds on losing tickets! amazing!

  23. jedi minnd tricks

  24. He slaps the wall before he says in a commanding voice “this is the dog you are looking for”, the trick is in the bang from the slap, it breaks the conscious flow of thought and allows for the implant of a suggestion. Darren knew that guy would fail because looking the cashier in the eye isn’t enough; he just wanted to show him up.

  25. Yeah logical mistake. When she pays out the money she always look at the computer or a ticket printed out… in her mess how she figures out what amount she has to pay out? And the camera tells her its a show… she must have doubled her attention … this is program scam.

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