Derren Brown Using Mind Control on Two Guys – Completely Amazing! HQ HD

Want to know how he does it? Derren Brown uses a combination of hypnotism and mind control to completely control these guys’ minds! Tags: Derren Brown mind control stripper strippers exotic dancer dancers how to get laid pick up girls trick tricks of the mind persuasion influence nlp neuro linguistic programming Hypnotism how to Hynotize People with Hypnotic Suggestion Conversational Hypnosis NLP Subliminal Persuasion Psychic Mind Reading Psychology Mentalism How to Persuade / Hypnotise Neuro linguistic programming ross jeffries seduction seduce attraction sci fi channel magic magician magicians subconscious Russians russians spy psychically electronic Subliminal Messages Self Mind Control or Auto Suggestion hypnotize stop smoking be more confident Taylor Starr the “Triad” secretive group real effective mind control secret secrets methods Clifford Mee conversation david blane penn and teller harry houdini david copperfield explained exposed cold reading medium mediums answers book pure effect absolute the system how to control people manipulate manipulation Mind Reading how to read minds and be become psychic training Derek Acorah Derreck Accorah Tom Silver Gerald Kein covert hypnosis

03. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. FAKE!!!

  2. thats an amazing example of how advertising imapcts our life. THESE GUYS DIDNT EVEN NOTICE IT!

  3. @Gubbymanden Its HQ not HD .. which is Horrible Quality

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  6. call that HD?

  7. Thats pretty cool 🙂

  8. @DanceZero2
    I can talk and write better English than you. And it’s not my native language. If you are pro Mc.Cain (really that old fart?) than at least type his name the right way. Macan sounds like a Mexican beer. And if Obama hypnotized (thats how you write it) all of the Americans i’m sure he would have hypnotized a dumb fcker like yourself.

  9. the way obama won the electon againsed macan was that he hypnatized people

  10. very nice. funny thing some comments show that probably a lot of viewers think this video does NOT explain how it’s done on its own!

  11. on another video he explains how to do it, look at the start, the pictures are on the blue jumpers, windows adverts all that

  12. Used in political campaigns in the UK and US. Obama, as many other candidates were elected this way.

  13. he did priming before giving them task

  14. camora trick

  15. i think he had a CCTV and copied the drawings.

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