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Trust and eye movement is used by NLP to predict when a lie is used within the system. BUT, when one realize that the system is a lie and only support the individual and not all life, you realize that the truth cannot be established this way. The truth is the the reversed position. be careful to base research results on monetary success or to base success in general as what the current system claims success is. The world certainly do not reflect in any way that our current science and academia are in a position of worthy contribution Investigate where life is valued and not money. For Life Coaching see http DesteniProductions DesteniProduction Desteni join the forum at for discussions

07. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Awesome support

  2. i love you all….my gratitude and respect…

  3. Very interesting. Question: Does this eye movement work when you speak and when other entities speak when using your body ? So you can train yourself where to look when talking to other people.

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