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One of the secrets to making a great living doing work you love is letting go of your false identity (the source of anxiety, worry & limitation) & connecting with your true identity, who you really are. Jamie Smart share’s a powerful visual metaphor to show you how. You can find more tools to help you make a great living doing what you love at

15. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. WOW MAN JUST WOW thanks a lot for sharing
    i’ve been searching a long time for this video.

  2. Who said you need to be ‘perfect’ to be a coach? you can help people and have your own issues too. does Tiger Woods have a coach? do football stars have a coach? Yes. Is that coach out there being number 1 themselves? No. Just because someone doesn’t fit your model of how they should be doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

  3. @Djinnmeister well thats my theory out the window

  4. @ncripzx How do you get the idea that I support him? I am in great shape, healthy and fit. My dig is at NLP trainers who don’t apply the technology to themselves. Who don’t get motivated to become healthy and who declare it is their choice to be overweight. This is a bad future pace, choosing ill health further down the line.

  5. @Djinnmeister im guessing your not in the best shape and you are using this as an excuse to not excersize not only to support him but yourself? not being negative just positvely curious here man.

  6. @ncripzx His heart and lungs must really love him. 6 pack aren’t a requirement of good health, a decent BMI is.

  7. @Djinnmeister obviously he feels as though hes so great he doesnt need to have six pack abs…he must be packing some serious heat on that mushroom tip!

  8. Wow… Simply Wow.. Thank you for this TRUTH!!!

  9. After having been a hypnotist studying NLP for three years, I lost a lot of interest as college picked up. Things got stressful. I thought it was just a phase I had gone through.

    3 of your videos later I see differently.

    Time to kick it into gear and begin practicing the art of high quality of mind.

    Thanks Jamie. Thank you sincerely.

  10. This video reversed my mental polarity and woke me up. What an awesome analogy and reaching tool. Simply incredible.

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  12. This video is awesome.

  13. jamie, where are you? I would love to see more videos from you

  14. You’ve put on so much weight recently. Is this a part of who you think you are?

  15. @gio222222 my thoughts exactly. lol

  16. I was studying every little bit about your being, and how much is done to manipulate… At work, a sales rep that I first pegged as manipulative…assured me that it is all just talk to people. I see this as wisdom…flavoring our lives delicious. Thanks for the delicious laugh…and I appreciate that there is more to see.

  17. @Trox118 mmm well yes and no. Most people in fact act to cover up some belief that they have about themselves or the world but even that underlying belief really isn’t them either. So nobody is a “narcissisticly driven douchebag” … even though they may act like one because of their beliefs. I guess you could call these beliefs delusions but in that case most beliefs are, and most people would be delusional. But everyone does this, few know they are doing it, and even less stop doing it.

  18. @kenseavert So you are agreeing with me.

  19. @Trox118 who you really are is much more than the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes you hold beneath all your actions that the outside world can see. Those underlying things are things you develop. And yes much of what we paint over ourselves is just protection but no body is or isn’t a certain way inherently. There are no degrees to belief, it’s a black and white game. Often people just want to believe something but deep down they don’t believe it.

  20. @PsySwitch1983 he is an NLP practitioner. he studied, he got an nlp diploma he didn’t just decide to make this video one day, plus, people are good at that they were once failures so thumbs up for him transformimg his life into the success he once dreamt about. all artists were once amateurs

  21. Sometimes people believe they are unstoppable and going to succeed no matter what and that they are attractive and all the good things you speak of and “Who they really are” is a narcissiticly driven douchebag that lives with his parents who is delusional and lacks empathy to others. Sometimes when people feel bad and guilty about their actions with humility is “who they REALLY are” and facing those things for TRUE growth is too painful so they protect themselves with delusions.

  22. Excellent

  23. ur wall its weird……… i cant tell which way it goes.. :S thats creppy

  24. fantastic analogy

  25. i want that ball! xD

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