Do Girls Actually Like Shy Guys?

Get My “Shy Stop” Technique: Shy Guy Dating Coach and NLP Practitioner Stephan Erdman specialises in helping especially shy men or introvert men become confident with the dating game and learn the secrets of overcoming nerves and approach anxiety and attracting women authentically. So what do girls really like in guys? Do Shy Guys have any chance in this extrovert world where whoever moves first supposedly wins? Here Stephan makes a surprising case for why introvert or shy guys or shy men may in fact be having the edge in the dating world in the longer run IF those shy men can learn to manage their shyness or social anxiety or even learn to overcome their shyness or approach anxiety and get more confident around girls with the help of a good specialist coach. Why? Many women are shy to and they’re often not approached in a way that makes them relax by guys who have never had a shy moment. Because if you’re a shy guy you have experience of shyness and knowing what it’s like to be shy in fact enables you to relate to women’s insecurities or shy moments better than men who never experienced any nerves…If you’re shy right now and you find talking to or approaching beautiful women difficult then consider DOUBLING YOUR CONFIDENCE IN 6 WEEKS by clicking this link & subscribing free http If you are keen to get better at dating and you get shy around girls…go download the “Dating Nerves Report” including the “Shy Stop Switch” at Stephan Erdman’s Nr.1

17. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Your voice. Hot.

  2. @TGirlz4lif3333 oh ok

  3. @KingOfPopDied Yea i see your point and i am the same way……..I am kinda hyper though on the other hand! Lmfao

  4. @TGirlz4lif3333 I’m not so shy around girls in my opinion,I’m more shy of people with a high level of energy,whether it’s a male or female.In the pauses at school I always sit on a sort of like very long wooden couch with calm girls on it…I prefer them waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than the high level energy boys or girls…

  5. There is the regular shyness in which is only a slight turn-off to women and then there is severe shyness stemming from deeper issues. I have never had a girlfriend and don’t have any friends because of my extreme shyness due to very-low self-esteem which has its root cause since the age of 3.

  6. @KFjustice Oh fuck um you will fined a girl that loves you for you……Shy or not! 😉

  7. OMG i love shy guys, they are not:


    Grasp my point

    this is coming from a transgender woman! hahahaah

  8. @Laurenisdorothy ahh yeh same with me

  9. I’m a shy guy but girls never seem to like shy guys, they always seem to go for the loud obnoxious Jack asses

  10. I am a shy guy and the girl I like told me that she liked me as a friend and I think most of it has to do with me being shy like asking for her number like a coward, and asking her to the movies like a coward and I regret acting like that with the girl I like. I don’t think most girls like shy guys but rather like men who are cool and open.

  11. I’m a very shy guy and the girls I’ve met seem to like confident guys. I don’t know why, I mean do girls really like assholes who disrespect and cheat on them? Or do girls date confident guys just to change them?

  12. When I was in Thailand I noticed that the women are very forward and will say your handsome to your face, really shocked me at first but it was a real ego boost made me feel like a real man again !

    Why can’t western women compliment western men like that ? Western men compliment western women why not the other way around or are they all men haters ?

  13. In Thailand all the men are shy and all women are confident, real eye opener for me when I was over there. Women chase men over there, there was one party I went to and all the ladies in the village on the front row turned around and stared at me for about 10 seconds, thought I was about to be mobbed !

  14. Im an outgoing girl, but Im very shy when it comes to flirting and all that stuff… so if the guy is shy, nothing would happen lol.

  15. im a shy girl, id rather have a shy guy

  16. I’m a girl who’s had a few encounters with shy men but I prefer confident men. Confidence is sexy because if you don’t like yourself, why should you expect others to like you? When you’re shy you expect the world to cater to your needs which I think is selfish. I like guys who are confident, respectful, honest and brave. I like a man who’s more dominant, but thats just my personal preference. I know some women love to be the dominant partner so they’d probably be a good match for shy men.

  17. man, you are hot!

  18. @Laurenisdorothy I know lol I can’t find a shy guy!!! I don’t like bold men that much…my eyes usually look at the shy guy who’s more like me.

  19. do you have advice for women too? 😀

  20. This is soo true I’m a shy kinda girl and I can’t stand over confident guys with ridiculously massive egos. I’d much rather a guy with a personality to match my own. The only problem is having one find me :/ haha cos I’m too shy to approach anyone

  21. if its a nasty shy person then yh they like you but if its a loving shy person then they hate you

  22. Out of all the guys that i’ve dated the shy ones were always the best and will always be remembered. I couldn’t care less about the loud obnoxious ones.

  23. I’m a very shyguy and always have had a hard time knowing how to act with women, but I don’t meet the normal formula, I’m 28, 6’4″, 220, muscular, a firefighter and of modest looks. Women are attracted to me but I am never able to really able to make moves around women. Eventually they consider me super-nice friends, but not someone who loves or is even interested in them. It’s no fun! I have no idea how to change either, it’s just like my brain wasn’t wired correctly to advance like casanova!

  24. Suicide is the only way out of my loneliness.

  25. I don’t see anything wrong with shy guys. Usually I find them more attractive than loud, boisterous guys.

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