Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D. Subconscious Mind Power & How You’re Programmed to Live Your Life (part 1)

reprogrammingmind.com You may want to reprogram your mind after hearing what Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D wrote in “The Biology of Belief” for which he won the best science book award in 2006. This audio is an edited excerpt from a workshop he did with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake called ‘A Quest Beyond The Limits”. This Video is not affiliated or endorsed by Dr. Bruce Lipton or Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D. and is posted for entertainment and education. For more free information on reprogramming mind techniques, please visit http

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  1. @smashingbeliefs well,like i said,i have spent most of my 48 years depressed without even knowing it until a Dr. put me on an antidepressant for what he believed to be fibromyalgia.I guess i spent the previous 26 years believing i was just supposed to feel like i did & maybe I am.Once I felt better,and,even better when put on the newest age of SRRIs,it was obvious how sick I had been all my life and finally I felt like i almost fit in.I was depressed long before she felt the need to share w/me.

  2. @44prot Fortunately you can take that information and either have it make you behave in ways that empower you or disempower you. How would your life be different if your mother instead told you how elated and proud she is to have a child as wonderful as you? How would it make you feel if your mother told you that she was excited and thrilled with the fact that no matter what, that she was pleased to know you were born healthy and full of potential to create the life you want?

  3. thanks for uploading this. My depression was programed from the time I was conceived. Although, I only found out about 4 years ago when my mother, casually told me how upset she was when she found out she was pregnant with me,(in 1962) How she cried all during her pregnancy with me, and continued telling herself and others, she did not want another kid. She told me she was depressed the entire pregnancy. Then, she became upset when I told her how much her telling me this really upset me.

  4. I love Bruce Lipton’s enthusiasm in this!

  5. Bruce Lipton , Gregg Braden get on there level

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