(Dutch) True Change / NLP Deel 1

(Dutch) This is an NLP Video which we have designed to assist in helping overcome and recognize obstacles which may be holding back real progress, to propel thoughts towards what is actually desired. The video uses several NLP techniques which promote thinking on deeper levels. (The actual video is irrelevant because the eyes should be closed and headphones preferably used.) Don´t be surprised if this track has a profound effect on your thoughts. It uses powerful techniques that help to identify obstacles and blocks, and to promote a natural shift away from limiting thoughts or other unwanted thinking. You may notice an immediate change, and if listened to for 30 days or so, the upward shift will become habit, more automatic. Kees-Jan Scholten, CNLP, has done a beautiful job on this narration and also worked to cowrite the script. We hope that you will notice a benefit. Thank you for taking this time today and watch for future productions coming soon! New England NLP ©2008 all rights reserved www.newenglandnlp.com

25. June 2011 by Admin
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