EFT. Getting rid of Feeling Ugly Inside.

09.27.10 EFT to get rid of a feeling ugly inside. Made this video especially for one of my YouTube friend to help her to heal herself.
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  1. @KrazyMsKatie :)) Anytime.

  2. @17allina17 Thank you soo much for giving me the information on “tapping points”. Believe me when I say I can really really feel the energy. It is VERY relaxing. I do it my mind when I cant sleep and it puts me in a calm state. Once again..TY TY TY!!!

    Katie 🙂

  3. @KrazyMsKatie just google “tapping points” and you will get tons of info

  4. wow…i needed to hear this today!!!!! Can you explain the tapping of the head, face and chest? Thank you!! 🙂

  5. @10105544 Awe, thank you, sweetness. I’m so happy you feel beautiful again. Never forget that you ARE.

  6. Good video, feeling of ugly, especially as you get old or do not have any one to love or be loved by. Loving oneself, is the way forward. Much respect and love, great videos. Very useful and full of compassion. Feel beautiful, after doing this.

  7. @khushrumoh No, it’s not because of the MC. One of my YouTube followers felt ugly inside and I decided to help her and made a video for her. It has nothing to do with the MC.

  8. hello Allina,I hope you ok,and I wanted to ask you what’s that ugly,cause of master cleanse,now I’m afraid of it,I was about to begin,please tell me what’s that.

  9. @17allina17

    You are right! It is us humans who make it harder for our selfs, I will practice more 🙂
    Thanks! I will check out your other videos later on and see

    Thanks a bunch!

  10. @LOfitness That’s the biggest mistake of everybody. Changing yourself doesn’t take long. How long does it take to delete a file in a computer? Seconds, right? Same with human system. Just delete it and download a new one. You might want to watch my other video-tutorial of how to reprogram yourself, your old believes/feelings. I did that on reprogramming a debt believe, but taking the same model you can reprogram yourself from ugly to gorgeous or tons of other believes that don’t serve you good.

  11. @17allina17

    Yes, I do believe that beauty is energy,and if you feel ugly inside,you will not shine either
    And it is amazing what our thoughts and feeling can do

    I know this will take a long time for me,but I will find myself again

    and I bet your son did not said anything like that again to you 🙂

  12. @LOfitness Yes, you always have to have a special time for yourself to reflect back and to center yourself. But, try what I told you. I remember my son ones told me “put your make up on otherwise no man would look at you”. I said “oh, yeah?” I grabbed him, put no make up and got that feeling that I’m the most beautiful woman. While walking I had men whistling and giving me compliments right and left. Guys like dogs: the don’t see the beauty, they feel it, feel the energy coming from a woman.

  13. @17allina17

    Okay, thanks! I understand what you are saying..and I will keep that in mind:-)

    I just need time for myself right now and try to find back..thanks again!

  14. @LOfitness Do it in the morning when you just woke up and right before going to sleep.Start watching the session when it’s at 5:28. But most importantly, think who you want to be beautiful for?For your man, kids, strangers, YouTubers?If one of those or all of them, then you’re wasting your life.Remember, the world is just mirroring what you feel inside.Start feeling beautiful and spoiled and the world would reflect that immediately. It works like magic.Try it.No make up or fancy cloths needed 🙂

  15. @17allina17

    How often should I do this session?

    I really feel bad about my face..I have this feeling of being ugly all the time,and yesterday my sons father told that I was not that good looking either

    after I did this session, it does not feel better,so shall I do it several of times in a row until I feel better?


  16. @LOfitness You’re welcome. I’m glad to help.

  17. I love this one! thank you:-) This is what I need

    much love<3

  18. @joyisaware Thank you. May you receive blessings and abundance in every aspect of your life as well 🙂

  19. Thanks 4 sharing, may you enjoy blessings in abundance;)

  20. @Jocelynsjourneys You’re welcome. Whatever I make for somebody, I make it for myself in the first place. I consider the world as my reflection and if one part of my reflection needed some adjustment, that means i have it on a deeper level, so tapping this for you, i tapped it for myself as well.

  21. Ment to tell you thanks for putting this up 🙂 idk if it did anything felt kinda silly doing it that made me feel better… so i guess it worked. and I still say that pattern everynow and then but i never remeber the tapping. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Thanks i will try it

  23. @cassiefull (continuation)….Say to that part of your body that you love it just the way it is, you accept it just the way it is. Say, i’m your friend and i’ll never let you down. Say to yourself looking in your eyes, that you’re the best friend you ever had and from now on you’d be always there for yourself. You’d always love yourself unconditionally.

    After that you’ll become lighter, happier, and so much cuter, believe me :))

  24. @cassiefull Sweetie, all we hear from others is our thoughts about ourselves vocalized by our surroundings (friends/family/etc). So, it’s not that your friend pointed at something, but you being afraid of somebody pointing at it one day. By being afraid you manifested what your friend did. So, what you should do is make friends with that part of your body. Literally talk to it saying I know you’re there and I fully acknowledge your existence. …..(read continuation)

  25. i used to be ok with the way i look but few days a go was at work havin a laugh with my mates and one of them didnt like one of my feautures and she say you should do something bout it in front of my other friends and they laughed which was humiliiating and it really hurt me and now i cant look at anybody when they talking to me. And now i feeling low bout myself and upset because they were my friends and i told them to keep away from me. And now i think im ugly all the time everyday

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