EFT Tapping Points – Shortcut Method

www.tap4health.com A Guide to the EFT Tapping Points. The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of psychological acupressure that using tapping with the finger tips on specific points on the face and body to clear emotional issues.

21. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @thinkngal I’m gald you are getting results from your first try. With behaviourial habits, such as nail biting, there is the emotional component and then the muscle memory from doing it over and over. EFT works on both of these. Also, its great that you have developed the awareness from CBT to notice the preceding thoughts. Keep me posted on your results.

  2. I have a chronic nail biting problem and tried various cbt techniques with good results for a while but then it’s like it wears off and I’m back to the biting. I’ve tried this last night…so far no biting…but I think it works a little like cbt in that I become aware of the precedent thought leading up to the biting, and then self talk with the tapping. It’s good in that it hones in on the thought process, which I found difficult to do with cbt. I’ll keep at it and see what happens.

  3. @StokesGeorge This video is just about a shortcut to use with EFT not about explaining the whole technique. I recommend going the EFT Universe web site and getting the free Getting Started package to learn how to apply the tapping.

  4. @thinkngal Yes, skeptical people benefit from tapping too. There is no belief in anything required for this technique to work. I have used it with lots of skeptics with great results. Genuine skeptics are open to new experience and will judge by the results if somethings works. Cynics, on the other hand, are determined that it won’t work – and this just takes a few more rounds of tapping to correct 😉

  5. –I guess I missed something — how many times should I tap at each point — and how many times a day should I tap?

  6. I wonder if a skeptical person would benefit?

  7. A big Thank You.

  8. @iluvrandomnames Yes can most definitely do the tapping on another person. I know of several massage therapists who incorporate this in their work. Its also great when parents tap on their children to help with stress and bullying of school.

  9. does this work if you do it to someone else, ie. incorporating this into a massage?

  10. @rodsherwin Thanks for the information. There is a lot of sites to be checked. I also found out i should buy a new bed that better supports my back. I think i have a bad bed, so a lot of hours a day position of my back might be wrong, adding to the problem.
    A good practical understanding of EFT can help very well in this case, and other instances.

  11. @Shean2010 I have worked with many people with back pain with great success (including myself). Google the words squidoo, eft, back pain and you will find a lens that I wrote with much more detail on using EFT for back pain.

  12. i hope this helps for lower back pain. I certainly going to try, because i have that on a regular basis, and it is awful then. I found out this technique by advertisement by dr. Mercola.

  13. @burninglotus Being gay is a gift from god. You are fortunate to be something that will require you to LOVE more. Hang in there. Good things are in your future. 🙂

  14. Thanks for this video !
    It;s funny @ 0:44 when you say “if I can hear it echoing out of your mouth..” it really sounded like you said : “Fuck it …. !”
    great video , thanks !

  15. @burninglotus the reason you might be feeling gay is because there is BPA artifiical hormones in the many products that are harming your biochem and stress also spikes estrogen

  16. @burninglotus Sexual orientation is not something that needs fixing so no EFT will not help you with not being gay. It will however, help you achieve self-acceptance with who you are and fully embracing this aspect of yourself.

  17. will EFT help me to not be gay?

  18. Woah… I accidentally found this and went along with the vid, mostly just humoring myself really, but at the end, I felt so unbelievably calm, relieved, and relaxed. That was not what I was expecting at all.

  19. Very information and very well done. Thanks for explaining this simply and efficiently. I just discovered the idea of EFT today and wanted something quick to get started. Your video was perfect. Thanks!

  20. @butifarra61 I agree that your biochemistry plays a part in your emotional wellbeing as does our emotions to our physical wellbeing. We need to consider all aspects for holistic view of health. Maintream medicine however has focused almost completely on the biochemical and ignored anything more than basic nutrition and general coping strategies rather than digger deeper and dealing with the core issues.

  21. what about diet? cutting sugar, salt, meat and adding plenty of celery…lots of work but the outside as well as the inside has to be cleaned? thanks and happy holidays.

  22. Merry Xmas to you Rod!

    Thanks for sharing all your love through your amzing knowledge!

    Blessings from your ever friend in Sweden!

  23. @ofaiz1 You can most likely use EFT to overcome your fear of riding a bike. Remember the event that lead to you having this fear? Tell the story outloud to someone while doing several rounds of tapping and check in to see if the intensity around the memory fades and if that also reduces your current fear. Check out my video on Tell the Story technique for more info.

  24. can i be used for overcoming a fear of riding bike?

  25. @charle81c You can tap as often as you like. The idea is to focus on a specific event that is realted to an emotional issue you are working on and repeat the tapping sequence until there are no more aspects and you can remember the event with zero emotional intensity (on a scale from 0-10). The points where we tap are specific acupressure points so tapping on other points won’t work as well.

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