Eliminating a Compulsion/Addiction FAST with NLP – Steve Andreas

Get the full DVD: j.mp Steve Andreas demonstrates the “compulsion blowout” method developed by Richard Bandler to resolve a woman’s long-term compulsion to hoard things, which includes a demonstration of the NLP Grief Resolution process. Excerpts from a complete clinical demonstration. Full DVD available here: j.mp Free article from Steve Andreas on Resolving Grief: j.mp Sign up for Steve’s free NLP blog here: realpeoplepress.com See also: realpeoplepress.com http
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23. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. @mproductionsmusik The technique is called the Compulsion Blowout. You can learn more about this technique in the book Change Your Mind–and Keep the Change, available from Real People Press. The DVD that this sample clip is taken from also demonstrates the grief resolution process which is in Heart of the Mind, also available from Real People Press.

  2. How do you call that specific NLP technique? thanks

  3. Well, now that I finally believe in myself, I am willing to use these tools, and believe me when I say this shit works so good, that the reason that I stopped doing it, was that I could not believe my life changed so freaking fast… People had always told me change was slow and a “struggle/problem/hassle” etc.

    Fuck them, hail NLP.

  4. His voice puts me to sleep, wish he could do a hypnotic session for my insomnia

  5. When she says “stuffed animals” I assume she means “stuffed toys” rather than animals that were once living.

  6. thanks

  7. She has a nice voice.

  8. as a lifecoach, she’s lonely, her collections are a behavior to cope with her life loneliness. She adds connections and good human relationships to her life, the collecting compulsion will dissipate, wane, and then dissolve.

  9. Another great one. Thanks for sharing, great! I remember the days when just getting to see a demo like that would cost you hundreds…

  10. nice! never seen him.. seems to be good stuff

  11. Awsome

  12. Thank you very much for posting! I really like Steve Andreas, he had written some of the best books about Nlp.

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