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23. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. How about an embedded command pattern to get someone to tell the truth.
    Think about it !
    How would that improve your life ?
    You would be able to know if somebody is screwing you over or if your partner is genuine etc.
    With the truth you have control.
    please add…………….

  2. : Giiiiiiiiive meeeeee tits!

  3. This caller is mentally ill.

  4. Did she just ask him to give her money? Lol, funny heffer.

  5. For those who have good knowledge of NLP and embedded commands, where did you learned it from?
    By just watching youtube videos? randomly or by some particular user?
    Any courses?
    Any books?
    Please let me know how can I learn NLP.I look forward to your guidance 🙂
    You message me or reply me here itself.

  6. @BigPanik11 ill coment, nd i wont leave it alone. nice try though

  7. @entaroduai haha i heard it too

  8. some people Rate these videos as immediately bullshit but I must make the Comment that this actually works on people and helps people to understand and Subscribe to each others thoughts.

  9. My dad said Leave me alone… go wright A letter or something along those lines… i dont know why i left this Comment. lol

  10. use a three worded command. notice how effective three worded commands are in daily life. e.g. “mind your step”

    I believe three-worded-commands to be effective because in the philosophy of hermetics we know triangles are the image of Fire, which is action.

    In La’kesh

  11. @jazzysax123 yep, thats the one…pretty obvious actually

  12. the embedded command at the beginning was “give me money?”

  13. Steve, I still can’t make ANYBODY do anything I ask for with embedded commands, I used scratching their nose, but it didn’t work, I get different methods of doing it from different people, can you explain, do you just say it as a command in the sentence? Also, can it work for commands like, “love me” or “fetch me a drink?”

  14. maybe you can hide an EC with a joke???

  15. LOL Now I know why these sales guys admire my cheap shirt/crappy watch/dumb shoes etc 😀

  16. Some people naturally do it with great conversational skills and leadership vocabulary. He sure did but he I dont think he had an understanding that he was doing such.

  17. “give me money”

  18. the begining give me money

  19. all political leaders do it.

  20. very interesting video. do you think hitler used conversational hypnosis?

  21. yeah i did to 😛

  22. I actually scratch my nose on that! wow…

  23. you have very nice skin. What products do you use??? : )

  24. good job~~~~

  25. This was neat Steve. Thanks for this Video.

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