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www.tombreeze.com Here is a great way to persuade your audiences. Whenever you speak in public, use these techniques and your audiences will want to take action on every word you say.
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17. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @crazykev209 Yeah, it takes time but a script can really help with this to begin with. Once they are learnt and become natural for you, you’ll be nailing it.

  2. tom, and obviously at first, i will have to really think about how i will embed these commands when i talk, but when i get used to it, will it get easier, and i won’t have to think about the embedded commands so much?

  3. @Bamseskutt I am glad you liked the content around Embedded Commands. Cheers, Tom

  4. After spending around 50 hours researching hypnosis online, your video was most useful for me. Great, I thank you sincerely!

  5. @isymura thanks!

  6. @TequilaAssassin4eva, thank you for your kind words – really appreciated.
    These words are very powerful and if you’re able to use them in the right way you can expect a lot of success!

  7. @TheDescentJatt – coming from a NLP Background (Master Practitioner), I started when I was at uni quite some years back now. It was with a company called Inside Performance and Louise Deeley. She was brilliant. I’d recommend them completely as she works with smaller groups and really cares – something that is paramount for me.
    Most NLP books (of which there are 1000’s) are good, so make sure you go with some bigger names in the industry such as Grindler, Bandler etc.
    Hope that helps!

  8. Fascinating! Who ever thought that a combined sequence of subtle, suggestive wording could be so persuasive?! I am awestruck by your profound knowledge and practice. Thank you for the demonstration!

  9. @TheDescentJatt Hi @TheDescentJatt, I went on many courses to learn NLP, and some of the best trainers I had were Louise Deeley from Inside Performance and David Shephard who is in fact the President of the American Board Of NLP. I have an interview with him if you search on google too.
    I’d recommend anything from the performance partnership as all the training material is awesome.
    Hope that helps.

  10. For those who have good knowledge of NLP and embedded commands, where did you learned it from?
    By just watching youtube videos? randomly or by some particular user?
    Any courses?
    Any books?
    Please let me know how can I learn NLP.I look forward to your guidance 🙂
    You message me or reply me here itself.

  11. @HardRockMachine Hi HardRockMachine,
    Thanks for your kind words and I am glad you enjoyed the video!

  12. Hi HardRockMachine,
    Thanks for your kind words and I am glad you enjoyed the video!

  13. Must invest in membershippppp , lol. Really good video. Thanks for posting it.

  14. Hi Isymura,

    I am glad you enjoyed the video – check out the channel for more information.



  15. sir i love you for this

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