Energetic NLP: How to Retrieve Your Energy from Other People

You are in danger if you don’t know how to clear other people’s energy out of your body, and how to retrieve your energy from the people you have interacted with. In 8 minutes learn how to have more energy, health, clarity, and joy in being alive. Free videos, audios , and teleseminars that will teach you Energetic NLP are available at www.EnergeticNLP.com

15. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. thanks friend 🙂

  2. @JengoFilm Thanks! Olive’s books and CD’s are great.

  3. Very nice! This is a great video. Clears out the gunk:)
    Thanks a million!!

  4. @artgiser unfortunatley, some people have an a priori belief that its all nonsense, so as soon as they hear about scientific research into anything considered paranormal they automatically assume that the methodology is flawed or will ignore it.

  5. Great, it worked like nothing else just when doing it along with the video. Good Karma to you.

  6. I found you through Olive Hickmott’s book. Very interesting and very helpful. I like the way you merge energy work with the power of NLP. Thanks for sharing in video format, it’s much appreciated and makes it very easy to follow. 🙂

  7. Thank you Art. I have just heard you on Damiens programme and was so impressed by what you said and the truth in how you spoke.
    I am dealing with some issues from my past and I have tried self-hypnosis all sorts to uncover it but to no avail.
    Would you have any suggestions please.
    Thank you once again regardless. Peace J

  8. There’s unlimited love energy. Just open up to it.
    How? By loving! 🙂

  9. @shadowjedi69 s very common). There are free audios on my website that will help you in clearing your solar plexus. I am redoing my site, so you won’t be able to access them until 10 April 2010. I have helped you clear about 70% of the energy in your solar plexus (I do a lot of remote energy work with people). Do check use the free audios to clear the rest of it. Let me know if that help

  10. @phorlakhnanta Thanks for comment. I am only familiar with a few of the Taoist practices, and they were very powerful.

  11. I like it. My solar plexus really protests, though. I’m not sure why. Yeah.

  12. Many people are frightened by the concept of the human energy system. Like it or not, the scientific evidence demonstrates that it is real. There is a great deal of scientific research now (much of it done at prestigious universities) that demonstrate that it is real. Books such as Entangled Minds and The Field go through some of the research. By the way, I managed a research lab in Reproductive Endocrinology at a medical school for 11 years, so I know know a bit about research!

  13. Yes I see colors, though its not necessary to do so to work with energy. It is common (and usually unconscious) to dump energy on people when you are angry. Just imagine the earth pulling it out of them later, when you get back in full control.

  14. Your very welcome!

  15. When you work with your energy it often makes people feel warm, sometimes cool or cold. Its OK eiether way, just different processes happening. If you feel cold, visualize more energy coming into you, gold with some red should help.

  16. “cleaning energy” with “Energetic NLP”
    I mean, this is some kind of linguistic nonsense, don’t you realize?

  17. seems similar to some of the Taoist internal alchemy practices – great video of a very powerful practice

  18. Psychological Repression? Hello?

  19. Do you see colors when you imagine energy? Have you ever dumped your negative energy on someone who angered you?

  20. thanks very much for this great video. Great information!!!!

  21. Thanks Art, hadn’t even thought about the energy.
    I had a really easy time to visualizing the energy and the grounding to the earth. Also the ball of energy bringing back my energy from “around” really filled me up, with energy…
    He he, well you got me going, gona go check out your other stuff, Have a good one mate and thanks alot!/Margosaur

  22. this does give me an energised feeling and everything around me feels and looks brighter but i become freezing cold

  23. I suspect you’re on to something here. My experience was certainly positive.

  24. Watched your video again, and I got even more out of it the second time. Thanks.

  25. Thanks.
    Yes, I am talking abut auras. There are a lot of different concepts as to what auras are and how to work with them. My work embraces teachings from Hindu and Western sources. What I teach is some very specific and powerful processes (I’ve had several great teachers) for working with your aura and with the other energies that are available for people to use (earth and universal energies).

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