Exam Nerves: Help Overcome Exam Anxiety

www.justbewell.com Do you need help to overcome exam nerves? Many people do not perform at their best during exams because they simply get to stressed out and anxious. Exam anxiety often causes people to get lower grades than they would if they were cool, calm and collected. Its much easier to recall information when you feel calm and alert and the blood and brain chemistry associated with fear, nerves and anxiety is simply not conducive to either good memory or good mental organisation. Why so you suffer from exam nerves? Well, honestly, it really does not matter why you have learned to be so anxious. Anxiety is a learned response you were not born with exam stress built into your genes. How does this approach work? Well this particular combination of hypnosis and NLP works well in a number of ways. Firstly, by retraining your thinking in advance, by training your imagination to be under your control (rather than the other way round), you can learn to actually look forward to the exam. Yes, really, people can do this. This removes the stress in advance making revision much easier. Everyone has times when they are totally at their best. NLP and hypnosis combine to condition you to begin to experience being this way during the actual exam. The techniques are very pragmatic, very straightforward and usually very successful. All of us at JustBeWell have many years of experience in helping people to overcome exam anxiety (and whole host of other anxiety related issues) So do

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  1. yayy for having a science test tomorrow and watching this instead of studying :

  2. I was always quite good at exams- my nerves created the exact opposite reaction- excitement and glory natured confidence. i kind of lost that a while back but im getting it back a bit again aswell as developing new frame of mind.

  3. hate how i have searched for this the night before and dont have time to have a session, and now i feel like theres no hope!

  4. I am going to get 0 out of 100

  5. up4itgal…
    i am going through the same thing… i study really really hard but when i take the test.. my mind goes blank… seems like i have no idea… especially when i have to write essays..

  6. Hi i have a really bad problem with anxiety management and being able to control jitters of my hand due to the ANS seems like during an exam the flight or fight response is constantly on and makes me write even messier and can’t think straight, its getting to a point where even befre the exam 1 of my friends asked me somethin and i told them, suprise suprise it showed up and i just couldnt answer the question cos i was unsure…..

  7. ahh this has never happened to me before!!! now that gr 11 is here i actually get my herat pumping sooo fast!!

  8. I am terrible. I never identified this problem all my life and it’s ruined my chances. I desperately wanted to get a degree but always got poor results due to my nerves. I am 45 now and it is too late. I have always been bright and intelligent but this phobia ruined my life. The worst thing is when i go into the examination all the knowledge I learned just flies out of my mind! In the past I have handed in a paper with just my name on it.

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