Exposed: Why Most People Who Try To Learn NLP Fail

Exposed: Why Most People Who Try To Learn NLP Fail

Every year hundreds of thousands of people try and learn NLP to become more persuasive, relate better to others, sell more products, help more people, and in general just to be happier.

If we took 100 of these eager new NLP students, and follow them for the next 2o years, here’s what my experiences tells me we’d find…

Of the 100 people, 1 would be running a successful business helping others to learn NLP, and making good money doing so. 3 would be trying to profit from their NLP training programs, but failing. 5 would be struggling to make ends meet with a part NLP practice, and 1 would have a successful full time practice that he or she is actually happy with. Another 5 would be integrating NLP skills into their lives, and would be seeing some slight improvements, but no major results.

This means that, assuming these entirely made up (but I suspect very accurate) numbers are as true to life as my experience tells me, only 1/10 people who attempt to learn NLP will actually get results. Only 10/100!!

Of these, only 2 will actually have achieved all the set out to. Imagine that. 100 people study the most powerful success based technology in the world, and only 2 succeed!

So, what’s the secret that sets the two success stories apart from the 98 sad failures?

The difference is, while most people were distracted by the glitzy surface level techniques, those who really made it big were able to look below the surface, and focus on the core inner game.

Get your core inner game sorted, and all the extrernal aspects of your communication and your life will nearly always naturally align themselves.

It’s like growing a garden – have unhealthy soil, and no amoung of pruning will help. Nurture your soil, and your trees will flourish.

The same is true of your mind and your life. Focus only on external things, and you have not addressed the route cause. Look under the hood and focus on the inner game, and you will naturally bring into your life the things you value.

That’s the secret!

It’s simple, but particularly powerful, and you have the power to choose which path you take. Do you focus on the fast, glitzy techniques, the fast food of the self development world, or do you focus on what really counts, on what will truly make a difference, and what will actually help you in the long term.

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Nathan Thomas PS
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